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StuG Attack!

StuG G Platoon

The StuG G assault gun was by far the most widely produced and used in the StuG series. Between 1942-45 over 7,700 were produced. The StuG G used the hull of the Panzer III M with a low-profile superstructure. This made the assault gun incredibly difficult to spot as it lay in ambush amongst dense terrain.

Later versions were fitted with the Saukopf, or pig's head, gun mantlet. This slightly increased the armoured protection of the gun as is deflected in-coming shots. The Saukopf mantlet is included in the box.

The product has been replaced by plastic StuG G Platoon (GBX83)...
StuG Box
StuG Box


A cupola was added for the StuG G, making it a key distinguishing feature from the previous StuG F/8. This addition increased the assault gun commander’s visibility. Schürzen skirts were added for further protection from enemy hand-held anti-tank weapons, such as the bazooka or anti-tank rifles.

StuG Attack!
StuG Attack!  StuG Attack!
StuG Attack!

StuG Attack!

In Flames Of War

The StuG G is a great addition to any German army. With its low-profile it can be readily stashed in terrain or set up in a deadly ambush. Its armour helps it survive in case it receives in-coming fire.

The StuG G has frontal armour of 7, side armour of 3, and top armour of 1. The StuG G’s Hull-mounted gun has a range of 32”/80cm, ROF 2, Anti-tank 11, and Firepower 3+.  It has Schürzen, a Hull MG and Protected Ammo.

StuG Attack!
StuG Attack! The gun required to convert three StuG G assault guns into a StuH42 assault howitzer is also available in this box. This tank has the same ratings as the StuG G assault gun, with the exception of the gun which is Anti-tank 10, and Firepower 2+ and Smoke, making it an excellent tank at killing dug-in infantry.

The box includes used:

• 5x Individually sculpted StuG G assault guns
• 5x Standard barrels
• 5x Saukopf mantlet barrels
• 3x StuH 42 barrels
• StuG decal sheet

Vehicles sculpted by Evan Allen

Stowage scuplted by Jeremy Painter and James Brown

Painted by Jeremy Painter.

StuG Attack!

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