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Railway Anti-Aircraft Guns Railway Anti-Aircraft Guns
by Wayne Turner

Railway guns are mounted on railway flat cars and are set-up in a position to cover it with anti-aircraft fire. Railway FlaK-Regiments are not tactically mobile and are usually moved into position sometime before the battle. 

Fielding Railway Guns

You may field one of the following Luftwaffe Railway AA Gun Units instead of taking a Luftwaffe 8.8cm Heavy AA Gun Platoon (LG534) as a Berlin: German support unit.

Placing Railway Lines

The first of these is the Leichte Panzerkompanie (light armoured company) armed with Panzer III tanks.
Unlike in France in 1940, many of the Panzer III tanks are now armed with the excellent 50mm L/42 gun, rather than the old lighter 3.7cm gun. In addition, more recently produced tanks have improved armour giving them vastly improved protection from enemy gun fire. The Leichte Panzerkompanie it also contains Panzer II tanks and are supported by Panzer IV tanks from the battalion’s medium company. They are supported by the all the assets of the German Panzerdivision (armoured division) including motorised and armoured infantry, armoured cars, artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft units.

A railway line cuts through woods, fields, and other flat terrain. Rivers or streams are assumed to be crossed with culverts or bridges. Any buildings in the way should be moved aside by the minimum distance necessary. The Railway Line is diverted by the minimum distance necessary to go around hills (even gentle gradients are avoided by Railway Lines), the railway line then resumes its straight line towards the nominated point on the table edge. All the Railway Lines are without Embankments.

Railway Anti-Aircraft Guns

Deploying Railway Gun Units

A Railway Gun Unit is always placed from Ambush in addition to any Units allowed to Ambush by the mission. Each Team must be placed within 1”/2.5cm of another Railway Gun Team and is always In Command.

Railway Gun Units must be placed from Ambush at least 4"/10cm from all enemy Tank, Infantry, or Gun teams along this railway line within their deployment area.

A Railway Gun Unit cannot be carried or towed as Passengers.

Railway Guns start the game in Foxholes. This represents them being in static positions and protected by sandbags and other improvised protection. However, they are not Concealed by the Foxholes and only benefit from Bulletproof Cover.

Separate Crew

The Twin 8.8cm Railway AA gun has two 8.8cm AA guns mounted on the one railway flat wagon.

Both 8.8cm AA gun weapons of a Twin 8.8cm Railway AA gun team can shoot each turn. Each weapon may shoot at a different target.




Railway Anti-Aircraft Guns

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