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BA-10 (SU301)

BA-10 (SU301)

In 1934 the BA3 armoured car was built based on the chassis of the GAZ-AAA 6-wheeled truck mounting the turret of the T-26 obr 1933 light tank. After a short production run it was discovered that the vehicle was grossly overloaded. This was the first Soviet armoured car to be armed with the 45mm gun.

Modifications were made to the design, improving the rear suspension, transmission and lightening the armoured body, this became the BA-6. 

A new smaller conical turret, also armed with the 45mm gun, was introduced in 1936 and the first batch of armoured cars mounting this were the BA-6M.
In 1938 the BA-6M design was further modernized to produce the BA-10. The body design was further lightened and improved to increase the travel performance of the armoured car.

It retained the conical turret armed with the 45mm gun.

In 1939 new steering, a radio and improved armour protection for the radiator were added to the BA-10 to make it the BA10m

The BA-10 was produced by the Gorki automobile plant. 

BA-10 (SU301)
BA-10 (SU301)

Tracks or chains could be placed over the rear wheel pairs to improve traction in mud and snow.

Approximately 1,200 vehicles of this series were available in June 1941.

Technical data

Chassis: 6x4 GAZ-AAA
Crew: 4
Engine: 50hp/2800rpm, straight 4-cyl. SV, 3285cc
Maximal speed: 53 km/h
Weapon: 45mm gun + 2 machine 7.62mm guns "DT"
Armour: up to 15mm in some places 

In Flames of War

The BA-10 is the workhorse of the Corps Support Armoured Car Company. They are Fearless Trained and are a Reconnaissance company.

Used them to reveal the enemy so your heavy firepower can be brought down on them.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

BA-10 (SU301)
BA-10 (SU301)
BA-10 (SU301)
BA-10 (SU301) BA-10 (SU301)
BA-10 (SU301) BA-10 (SU301)

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