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Mid War
Proposed Dynamic Points For Mid-War 2024

Last year we unveiled the concept of Dynamic Points for Mid War. This gave us a chance to review the points as they
stood in the books, look for areas where there was room for improvement, and them put them on Forces Of War as an
optional set of adjusted points. This means that players that had existing books and unit cards were able to continue using the product without any complications, whilst players that thought a unit was over (or under) pointed would have a chance to play with these dynamic points with the least amount of fuss.

In Forces Of War, our on-line army builder, we added an option in the account page where you could switch between
Book Points and Dynamic Points so that changes could be quickly assessed. Overall, we felt that the changes worked well and were widely used, particularly at tournaments. There were however some areas that either did not work out as we expected.

With the 2024 Dynamic Points there are a few areas we have chosen to focus on:

  • Light Tanks and Armoured Cars,
  • Medium Tanks are still looking too expensive and, for certain nations, paying a premium for rules that do not have as big an impact as expected,
  • Anti-tank Guns,
  • Soviet 4+ Save infantry, which was a popular request from players around the world.

There are other units that have been affected because of these change, and you can find more information in the following download. Overall, these changes won’t change the balance of the game — it’s well balanced at the moment, but you will see a change in the composition of the forces turning up at some games. The vast majority of forces you can build will be largely unchanged. For veteran Mid-War players, these changes should make for some refreshing new challenges.

These changes replace the 2023 version – if there is a unit that was included in the previous version of Dynamic Points that is not there now, then that unit has ended up reverting to its points in the appropriate book. Likewise once Forces Of War is updated any saved lists will then reflect the updated 2024, not 2023, points.

As per last year, we have also set up a Google Form so you can give your opinions on the changes. This form is a chance to offer feedback on these changes, whether you think they are too much, not enough, just right, or if you prefer the published points in the book.

The Google Feedback Form can be found here...


We have also created nation specific Facebook posts where you can add additional comments, or make a note if you think we have made a mistake.

The Facebook Nation specific posts can be found here...


Over the course of November we will gather your feedback, so we can review them and adjust before locking them down
and publishing them on Forces Of War in early 2024.

Reminder: the points currently shown on Forces are the 2023 Dynamic Points, not the proposed 2024 points.

Download the Proposed 2024 Dynamic Points PDF here...

Last Updated On Friday, November 3, 2023 by Chris at Battlefront