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Victorian 2023 FOW Champioships

Victorian 2023 Flames of War Championships

During the weekend 19-20 August 2023, the Simpson Barracks Gaming group hosted the Victorian 2023 Flames of War Championship. This year we changed the venue to 4/19 Prince of Wales Light Horse Regimental compound where the players were surrounded by a bit of military hardware and had a chance to view the unit history rooms.

The weekend was split into two, two-day rounds. Sadly, six registered players had to pull out at late notice, but thirteen players still got to battle it out. Derek Prout took overall champion with his US Armoured Rifle Company, Ed Corsar came in a respectable second with his German Ghost Panzers Panzer Grenadier Company, followed by Phil LeHunt with his Australian Armoured Fist Rifle Company (looking very lost in their Pacific attire). Michael Wright was voted best sport with his German Ghost Panzer Grenadier Company and Chris Prout took out best painted with his Hungarian Tank Company.

All in all, everyone had a good weekend with over $560 being raised for veteran support. It was also a good test run for the Oceanic Championships that are set to run in the same venue in November 2023. A massive thank you to our sponsors, The House of War, Aetherworks and Battlefront, for whom without their support these events would be so much more difficult to run.

Our next Flames of War event will be HEROCON 23 in Canberra. A 100-point Mid-War, two-day event, where we will battle it out the invasion of Sicily. For more details go to:


Otherwise, it is the Oceanic Championships, a WWIII Team Yankee event, set for 18-19 November 2023. This event will be held at Simpson Barracks and will be open to all, military members, ex-military, veterans and the general public. This year is set to be even bigger than last year with several more international players attending.



Victorian 2023 FOW Champioships Victorian 2023 FOW Champioships
Victorian 2023 FOW Champioships Victorian 2023 FOW Champioships
Victorian 2023 FOW Champioships Victorian 2023 FOW Champioships



Last Updated On Thursday, August 24, 2023