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Assembling the Archer
Archer (BBX78) Archer (BBX78)
Step 1. First, insert the fighting compartment into the lower hull. The fighting compartment in position.
Archer (BBX78) Archer (BBX78)
Step 2. Attach the upper hull to the lower hull. Step 3. Glue the tracks onto the lower hull. These are keyed to help you get the orientation correct.
Archer (BBX78) Archer (BBX78) Archer (BBX78)
Step 4. The upper superstructure can now be attached to the upper hull. The superstructure in place. The superstructure from the front.
Archer (BBX78) Archer (BBX78)
Step 5. The next step is to assemble the gun. Attach the gun barrel to the breach, using the key to get the orientation correct. Step 6. The assembled gun can now be glued into place on the mounting points.
Archer (BBX78) Archer (BBX78) Archer (BBX78)
Step 7. The gun shield can be finally attached. The gun slides through the hole in the shield. The gun shield in place, with the gun poking through. Step 8. Finally, the spare track links can be attached to the small key on the front.
Archer (BBX78)
The completed Archer, now ready to head to the painting booth!

Last Updated On Thursday, November 17, 2022