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Assembling the Challenger
Challenger (BBX72) Challenger (BBX72)
Step 1. First, glue the hull top to the hull bottom. Step 2. Attach the rear plate to close up the hull.
Challenger (BBX72) Challenger (BBX72)
Step 3. Attach the tracks to the lower hull. These are keyed to help you with the orientation. Step 4. Glue the front plate onto the hull top to complete the Challenger hull.
Challenger (BBX72)
The completed Challenger hull! We'll set this aside for now, and move on to the turret.
Challenger (BBX72) Challenger (BBX72) Challenger (BBX72)
Step 5. Start the turret assembly by glueing the turret top to the turret bottom. Step 6. Next, the turret front and mantlet can be glued into place. Step 7. Spin the turret around, and attach the ammunition hatch to the turret's rear.
Challenger (BBX72) Challenger (BBX72)
Step 8. Now we can insert the gun into the mantlet. This is keyed to help get the orientation of the muzzle brake correct. Step 9. Insert your choice of commander hatch to complete the turret. Note the direction that the hatches open.
Challenger (BBX72)
The completed Challenger turret!
Challenger (BBX72)

Alternatively, you may prefer to glue rare earth magnets into the recess in the hull and to the bottom of the turret. Magnets are a quick and secure way of fixing your turrets to the hulls, but they are a small added expense, which is why the turret peg is provided, leaving the choice up to you.

Rare Earth Magnets (XX105) are available through the online store here...

These 1mm x 5mm magnets fit perfectly into the round spaces in the hull and turret.


You can attach the turret to the hull using the included turret peg, attaching the turret peg into the recess in the bottom of the turret.    
Challenger (BBX72)
The completed Challenger, now ready to hit the painting booth!

Last Updated On Wednesday, October 19, 2022