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Assembling The Lorraine Schlepper (GE149)

Assembling the Lorraine Schlepper

How to assemble your Lorraine Schlepper

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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Lorraine Schlepper by attaching the tracks to either side of the lower hull section. Ensure that the toothed drive sprocket is positioned at the front of the vehicle. Below: Both tracks in place.
Step 2. Next, attach the spade to the rear of the lower hull. 

Step 3. Attach the gun of your choice to the main hull in the slot below.

Below: The 15cm gun in place  

Below: The 10.5cm gun in place.

Note that for the purposes of this guide we will continue using the 10.5cm gun as the 15cm version is identical

Step 4. Glue the crew figures into the foot space.
Below: The fully assembled Lorraine Schlepper with a 10.5cm gun.

Last Updated On Friday, January 10, 2020