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Mid War Airborne Spotlight

Mid War Airborne Spotlight

Mid War Airborne Spotlight
All American and Death From Above cover the Airborne units of the United States, Germany, and Italy during the Mid War period and bring your Late War paratroopers from the battlefields of France to the deserts of North Africa, the streets of Stalingrad, and the fearsome fighting in Italy. 

Players will be able to bring their newly-finished Late War US and german Airborne and Ranger forces back to Mid War to bring their elite skills to bear against their enemies.

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Fallschirmjager in Mid War 
The Fallschirmjager of the Mid War period served in North Africa, Italy, and on the Eastern Front with a variety of infantry weapons different to those they would rely on in Late War. 

Mid War Fallschirmjager are an effective multi-purpose force with a variety of unique weapons like the 7.5cm recoilless artillery, bought as part of the Formation HQ and attached to Fallschirmjager Platoons before the game’s beginning.

Fallschirmjager Formations are filled out with sMG42 platoons and 8cm Mortar Platoons.

Mid War Airborne Spotlight

Death From Above also brings a variety of Fallschirmjager support options such as the 10.5cm Recoilless for dropping artillery templates across the table on dug in oppositions, as well as the 7.5cm Artillery Battery.

The Fallschirm Pionieer Platoon offers players an opportunity for a harder hitting, close quarters infantry force of fearsome Fallschirmjager. Fearless Veteran Fallshirm Pioneers are made up of MG & Rifle teams and up to three flamethrower teams, giving them exceptional pinning ability in Assaults— a huge benefit in any close range engagement with other infantry forces.

Mid War Airborne Spotlight

Italian Parachutists in Mid War
The Italian Parachutist Platoon gives Italian Players access their own elite airborne troops. Parachutist Formations are made up of MG/Rifle Platoons (with access to a Flamethrower), breda MGs, Mortars, and 47mm AT guns. Parachutist Assault Engineers are made up of six MG/Rifle teams and two Flamethrower teams and are well suited for pushing enemy troops off an objective. Parachutists rely on the support options from Avanti, on account of the Italian Airborne Forces’ history of being deployed in North Africa alongside Italian Army forces.

US Airborne in Mid War
All American brings the elite units of the US Airborne to Mid War. With this booklet, players will be able to field the new Airborne figures released as part of D-Day: American in Mid War, giving players more mileage out of their models. US paras are typically elite, and they carry the right tools for every job including bazookas, MGs, and mortars. A single US Parachute Rifle platoon in Mid War can slot in as an effective support Platoon to an existing Fighting First Force, or a complete formation fielding in Mid War can be an exceptionally effective infantry force. Optional extras in the formation, 75mm Artillery and 81mm Mortars, provide template fire to soften up enemy defensive points, slotting nicely into the aggressive Para play style, or giving a strong  backing to Paras dug in to defend an Objective.

Mid War Airborne Spotlight

US Rangers in Mid War
US Rangers are also included as a choice in All American, being brought to Mid War after their debut in D-Day: American. US Rangers benefit from the same choice of platoon weapons, as well as their own 81mm Mortars to give them artillery support within their Formation. Rangers are fearsome in Assault, hitting on 2+. This capacity for hand-to-hand combat also makes Rangers a formidable choice for an offensive force- provided they close the distance to Assaulting range.

Mid War Airborne Spotlight

Command and Unit Cards
Each copy of Death from Above or All American comes will all the requisite Unit Cards to field your Units in Mid War, as well as a selection of Command Cards to add variation to your Mid War Airborne forces.

Interview with Wayne
Earlier, we asked the Flames Of War community for their Mid War Airborne questions- check out the Q and A below.

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