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Barrage Con Recap

Barrage Con Recap
with Chad McElhiney

Barrage con is a small local convention hosted by the HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers) gaming club, and was held this year, again, in the Havre de Grace Community center. Barrage con dates back to 1996; however, Flames Of War tournaments didn’t begin until until 2012 utilizing gaming groups from the neighborhood area.

The event filled the community center, and covered all periods and multiple game rules sets of wargaming, role-playing, and is featured as a very family friendly event that serves as the primary fundraiser for the HAWKs. Due to the growing number of games being offered Barrage con became a 2-day event starting in 2016, and Little Wars TV was on hand this year with a video recap.

Although vendor space was offered, it was more of a flea market atmosphere. Overall attendance was roughly 2-300 this year.

Battlefront worked with a local group who hosted 2 tournaments. We worked on Mid-War on Friday, and then a larger turnout for Late War on Saturday, and assisted with Terrain, as well as providing prize support. I spent most of Friday assisting with getting them familiar with Best Coast Pairings a free to use tournament software program gaining in popularity here in the US. Each round the games went smoothly, with the tables self-correcting when a rules issue came up. It was comforting to see the veteran players coaching the newer guys between rounds.

Barrage Con Recap

Mid War on Friday was 109 points, winner was Pete Zerphy’s US Armoured Rifle Company

Saturday saw William White’s 115 points of Italy Churchills from Fortress Europe come out on top.

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