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Luke's Hobby League

Luke's Hobby League
All journeys start with a first step and starting a new army in Flames Of War is no different. For the Hobby League I’ve decided to go with a British Force. I love my tanks so the first thing I’m going to start with is with my tanks. My very first Flames Of War Army was a Panzer IV Company with a heavy emphasis on bringing lots of tanks and since I’m wanting to keep things new (while also familiar), I want to put an infantry company into the final 100 points. With this focus in mind what better tanks to support the infantry than the Churchill, the ideal infantry tank!

My first 50 points will go towards a Churchill Company along with some M10s to help me deal with some of that pesky heavy armour out there. Looking forwards after this is done my next lot of points will be spread around an infantry company (what kind of company I’m not sure on just yet) as well as some more support to fill in the gaps I’ll likely find as we start playing games against each other. I’ve got a nice pile of sprues (and some tea) to build away at and some fresh paints so I’ll be starting nearly the moment I stop writing this! 

Luke's Hobby League

Week 1
Over the past week I’ve been busy and my pile of sprues has gotten considerably smaller. The Stuarts and M10s are done and only a pair of Churchills to finish building (I’ll be doing this during lunch today!). With most of the building out of the way It’s time to seriously start looking at my painting schedule. My break down is a total of 14 tanks in my first 50 points and 3 weeks to paint in, this works out to around 4-5 tanks a week. While this sounds like a lot at first, breaking it up this way makes it look a lot less daunting. Owing to the number of Churchills I’ve taken I’ll be painting one platoon every week and adding in either the Stuarts or the M10s.

Luke's Hobby League

Luke's Hobby League

Week 2
This week I've been focused on base coating for a big push this week to finish my first points and get off the mark on the board. While that's been at home in the office I've gotten some more models for the next 50 points as well as sorting out my unit cards and the paints I'll need for the Poor Bloody Infantry I'll be bringing in the full list. As tempting as it is to dive head first into the Rifle Company I'll have to hold off and keep focused on my orginal plan.

Week 3

This week is a milestone for me with my first two Squadrons of tanks done. This week is the first squadron of Churchills and the Stuarts to back them up. With this I have my first 18 points on the chart.

Some of the keen eyed viewers will see some extra stowage on the side of the turret. This is an optional piece from the plastic Jeep Sprue (I happened to have some extras around) and they fit great and they’ll be great to set my tanks apart a little. I’ve added these to a few of my tanks that aren’t finished just yet  

Luke Week 3 Luke's Hobby League

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