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Ashleigh's Hobby League

Ashleigh's Hobby League
Hi, I’m Ash and I’ve never played Flames of War before! I decided I wanted to play a British force - mostly because when I was flicking through the Fortress Europe book I liked their introduction the most. So far I’ve made a few Stuarts, I’ll make some Shermans next. For my 50pt list, I’ve decided to take some Shermans, a Firefly, Stuart Recce Patrol, Universal Carriers, a couple of M10’s and a few Churchills!

Andrew's Hobby League Andrew's Hobby League

Week 1
This week I’ve been busy clipping and glueing with a side of some more clipping and glueing, trying to get my first 50pts assembled and ready for painting this weekend. Only 1 more Sherman and 3 more Universal Carriers to go!

Ashleigh's Hobby League

Week 2
Finally my first 50pts are assembled! This weekend I’m going to get them all undercoated and ready for me to start painting a whole lot of Olive Drab. I wasn’t sure what colours to go for so I’ve decided on using the Colours of War book as a guide to do the British Late-War Armour.

Ashleigh's Hobby League

Week 3
My first 50pts are all undercoated! I thought I’d use my Stu's as the guinea pigs for learning how to paint tanks and I’m stoked with how they turned out. I’ve got a goal for this weekend and next week to paint up my Shermans and Churchills so my Stuarts have some more green buddies.


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