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M4 Sherman Dozer (US049) Sherman Dozer Kit (USO200)

The destruction generated by military operations, and various obstacles deployed by the Axis forces to slow down the progress of the Allied armour led to the need for a dozer tank.

The US needed an armoured dozer able to clear roads, fill in ditches and bomb craters, clear rubble and  move destroyed vehicles blocking roadways. The allied armies used several types of bulldozer, however, these machines were un-armoured and could be used only in zones far away from the frontline.

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M4 Sherman Dozer (US049)

The Sherman Dozer Kit 

The Sherman Dozer Kit includes:
1x Left Mounting Arm
1x Right Mounting Arm
1x Dozer Blade

The kit has been designed to work with the Flames Of War range of Shermans, including both the plastic and resin-and-metal kits.

The Sherman Dozer is a handy asset when the battlefield looks a bit rough.

Designed by Evan Allen, Painted by Colin.

M4 Sherman Dozer (US049) M4 Sherman Dozer (US049)

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