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10.5cm GebH40 Gun (GSO525) 10.5cm GebH40 Gun (GSO525)
includes one 10.5cm GebH40 gun & one Large base.

The 10.5cm GebH40 was designed the in order to fulfil the artillery needs of the Gebirgsjäger Divisions.

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Originally designed by Böhler in 1940, the gun didn’t actually go into production until 1942 and when it did 420 examples were built up until the end of the war.

Featuring light-weight metal alloy wheels that were positioned to minimise the space required when deploying the gun into a firing position. Finally the gun could be towed into position fully-assembled or broken down and transported via Sd Kfz 2 Kettenkrad or pack mules.
10.5cm GebH40 Gun (GSO525)

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