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Rising Sun (FW304)

Flame-thrower Platoon (Winter) (SSO151)
includes one Flame-thrower Platoon with three section & three Medium four-hole bases.

The ROKS-2 was a man-packed flame-thrower used by the Red Army throughout the duration of the Second World War. It had a unique design feature in the fact that the man carry it was meant to resemble the rest of his comrades in arms.

The fuel tank was designed to resemble a regular rucksack and the flame projector itself the standard military rifle of the Red Army, the Mosin–Nagant 91/30. It was theorised that in the heat of battle the enemy would not be drawn to it until it could be brought to bear.

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Design by Evan Allen

Rising Sun
Rising Sun brings you into the Soviet Union’s wars with the Japanese and Finns on its borders in 1939. Take command of the Red Army’s tank forces, infantry or cavalry forces as you throw the Japanese back into Manchuria or fight the stubborn Finns to expand the Soviet border.

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The Flame-thrower (Winter) Figures
Flame-thrower Platoon (Winter) (SSO151)
The Flame-thrower in Flames Of War
Flame-thrower team 16"/40cm
Contents of the Flame-thrower (Winter) Platoon Pack
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Flame-thrower Platoon (Winter) (SSO151) Flame-thrower Platoon (Winter) Figures
Description of Components
a. 3x Standing flame-thrower figures looking away.
b. 3x Advancing flame-thrower figures.
c. 3x Standing flame-thrower figures looking forward.
d. 3x Standing flame-thrower figures with hand on top of flame projector.
Assembling The Flame-thrower Teams
The Flame-thrower Platoon is made up of three Flame-thrower sections; each containing one Flame-thrower team. To model a Flame-thrower team, simply arrange one of each figure type to taste on the medium four-holes bases provided in the pack.

Description of Components
a. 3x Medium four-holes bases.
Flame-thrower Platoon (Winter) (SSO151)

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