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Rising Sun (FW304) Rising Sun Design Notes
Rising Sun is the latest intelligence handbook for Flames Of War and the fourth book for Early War. It is the first of two books that will cover the fighting in the east centred on the Soviet Union. In a departure from the previous Early War books, where we have handled each theatre in one large volume, this time were decided to divide the fighting between the Soviet Union’s early fighting on the its border in 1939 and 1940, and Operation Barbarossa when the Germans invaded in 1941. Soviet expansion led to wars against Poland and Finland. In the far-east the Soviet Union shared a border with Manchukuo (Manchuria), a puppet-state of Japan and tensions eventually exploded into war 1939 between Japan and the Soviet Union.

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The Raising Of The Rising Sun:
Introducing Japanese National Special Rules
Introducing a new nationality to Flames Of War means we have to create a new batch of National Special Rules for them.

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Fun Under The Sun: Part One
Tactical Tips on Fielding Japanese Forces in Flames Of War
The Japanese began the war with the European powers in the Pacific with a string of successes as stunning as those of the Blitzkrieg and ultimately as illusory. These were founded on rapid manoeuvring into a position of advantage. Once attaining a position of advantage the Japanese deployed rapidly and executed attacks with vigour and ferocity.

Fun Under The Sun: Part One...
Fun Under The Sun: Part Two
Tactical Tips on Fielding Japanese Forces in Flames Of War
Russell Briant give his take on the Fearless Veteran Infantry Company option, the 7th Division Hohei Chutai, building a 1500 point list and explains how they use the Japanese Special Rules.

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Painting Japanese
James and Mark demonstrate how to paint Japanese infantry and tanks for Flames Of War.

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I Have A Few Ideas For Those!
The release of Battlefront’s new Early-war handbook for Flames Of War, Rising Sun, sees the arrival of the Japanese on the scene. While the Japanese forces in Rising Sun are intended to be used for the Nomonhan / Khalkin Gol conflict with the Soviet Union, it is not the only conflict you can use the new Japanese Intelligence Briefings and miniatures.

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Rising Sun (FW304)
An Incident At Lake Khasan An Incident At Lake Khasan
Between May and September 1939 the Soviets fought an undeclared border war with Japanese forces in Manchuria, which would become known as the Battles of Khalkhin Gol or the Nomonhan Incident.

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Refighting The Battles At Lake Khasen
The Lake Khasan battles present number of scenarios that can be used to create interesting, challenging and fun gaming opportunities.

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Painting Japanese Tanks
James shows how to paint a Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha tank from Rising Sun. He gives some tips on good ways to paint bright yellow and demonstrates how to do an oil-based pin wash.
Painting Japanese Infantry
James shows how to paint Japanese infantry like the ones in Rising Sun.
Japanese Spotlights (Click on the product images below to learn more.)
Hohei Chutai (JBX01) Medium Sensha Platoon (JBX02) Light Sensha Platoon (JBX03) Kihei Platoon (JBX04)
Hohei Platoon (JP702) Hohei Machine-gun Platoon (JP704)
Isuzu 1.5-ton Truck (JP430)
Nikuhaku Teams (JP706)
Type 94 37mm Anti-tank Gun (JP501) Type 92 70mm Gun (JP560) Type 94 TK (JP005)
Type 38 75mm Infantry Gun (JP570) Type 41 75mm Infantry Gun (JP565)
Type 96 150mm Howitzer (JP580) Artillery HQ (JP710)
Type 97 Chi-Ha (JP051)

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