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Battlefield in a Box

Small Autumn Wood (BB551)
includes fourteen trees, six tree stands, two pre-painted forest bases & two packets of GF9 static grass.

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Small Autumn Wood (BB551)
Battlefield in a Box: Small Autumn Wood (BB551)
The Battlefield in a Box range of tabletop-ready scenery is a quick and easy way to create a wargaming table straight out of the box, suitable for any scale miniature troops to fight over.
The box set includes:

■ 9x Small Autumn Trees ■ 2x Triple Tree Stands ■ 1x Double Tree Stand ■ 1x Single Tree Stand ■ 1x Painted Forest Base ■ 2x Packets of Static Grass.

The Small Autumn Wood contains a combination of yellow, orange and red trees and is suitable for figures scales ranging between 10mm - 15mm.

Sculpted by Jason Buyaki
Fully Painted
The GF9 Static Grasses Included in the Box
Below: GF9 Static Grass: Green Grass. Below: GF9 Static Grass: Autumn Flock Blend.
Small Autumn Wood (BB551) Small Autumn Wood (BB551)
The Small Autumn Wood on the Battlefield
Small Autumn Wood on the Battlefield

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