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Flames Of War: Third Edition Terrain
by Phil Yates, Games Designer.

Terrain is a key part of Flames Of War. Having a good battlefield to fight over is as important as having the armies to fight over it. The new edition of the rulebook devotes a lot more space to discussing terrain and its effects on the game clarifying its effects for both newcomers to the game and old hands.

At the same time, the effects of some types of terrain have been cleaned up to make games easier and faster to play, without losing any of the flavour of the old rules. In fact, in some areas, such as buildings, the new rules are both faster and more flavourful than the old ones!

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We expanded the two-page terrain section in the old rules to nine pages full of visual examples. These go through each aspect of terrain and explain how different types of terrain fit into Flames Of War.

The rulebook devotes eight pages to discussing types of terrain, illustrated with photographs of typical battlefields.
As well as expanding the section defining terrain, we added heaps more diagrams to explain its effects. The discussions on the effects of terrain on movement, line of sight and concealment have five extra pages of diagrams to make them clearer and easier to understand.

The rulebook explains the effects of terrain on your miniatures in great detail.
Concealed by Area Terrain
"Having a good battlefield to fight over is as important as having the armies to fight over it." Terrain Summary
The expanded terrain summary gives a concise outline of the nature and effects in the game of a wide variety of terrain.

Right: The terrain summary table.
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