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Hungarian Crest

Hungarian Equipment and Miniatures

We have a number of Hungarian packs available:

HU010 Toldi I light tank
HU030 Turán I / II tank
HU100 Zrínyi II
HU160 Nimrod SP AA 

HU300 Csaba armoured car
HU420 Botond truck (x2 resin) 
HU520 75mm 40M Anti-tank Gun
HU550 80mm 29/38M Anti-aircraft gun
HU580 149mm 14/31M Howitzer
HU702 Puskás Platoon
HU705 Mortar Platoon
HU706 Assault Pioneer Platoon
HU708 Huszár Platoon
HU710 Heavy Weapons Platoon
HU711 Heavy Mortar Platoon
HU880 Föhadnagy Ervin Tarczay

HSO101 Hungarian Artillery Group
HSO501 40mm Bofors AA Nest 

You may notice a few key pieces of equipment missing, in this article I’ll endeavour to explain how to field these platoons and guns.

Tanks and Vehicles

As well as those Hungarian built vehicles above, the Germans supplied a number of Tanks. In 1942 108 late model Panzer 38(t) tanks were delivered to the 1st Armoured Field Division and designated T-38G by the Hungarians.

The T-38G can be represented by the GE022 Panzer 38(t) model.

Hungarian Panzer IV F1

To back these up 22 Panzer IV F1 tanks were also supplied and fielded in heavy companies by the Hungarians. In the autumn of 1942 a further 10 Panzer IV F2 were supplied to compensate for losses.

Both these tank types are easily fielded using the GE042 Panzer IV F1/F2 model.

Left: Panzer IV F1.

As well as the Rába Botond 1.5-ton cross-country truck (HU420) the Hungarians took advantage of a number of other designs. The Ford-Marmon 3-ton truck was a basic Ford truck converted to 4x4 using the Marmon-Herrington conversion system. A large number of unconverted Fords were also used.

The best model to represent this is the GE431 Opel Blitz 3-ton truck.

Ford Truck
Krupp and 37mm 36M gun pass T-38G

A number of Krupp-protz trucks were also used by the Hungarian for towing light guns and carrying motorised infantry.

This is simply the German GE420 Krupp-Protz truck model.

Left: A Krupp towing a 37mm 36M gun.

The Hungarians used a number of tractors for motorised artillery, from simple tractors little different to those found on the farm to specialist Italian designs. The easiest to represent is the Hansa-Lloyd half-track, which is almost identical to the German Sd Kfz 11, which was used to tow the 105mm 37M Howitzers of the 1st Armoured Field Division.

Use GE272 Sd Kfz 11 to model the Hansa-Lloyd.

For field cars and command vehicles any of the following German vehicles can be used: GE412, GE413, GE425 and GE426.

Sd Kfz 11

For Motorcycle Scout Platoons use the German GE400 BMW Motorcycles & Sidecars.


As the Hungarian wore the M38 helmet similar to the German’s any German Driver will work well for the Hungarians.

Tanks Crew

Initially Hungarians wore the Italian style tank helmet, but later took on a more German look by simply wearing their undress cap. Germans or Italians can be used for tank crew.

37mm 37M Gun


We didn’t make any specialist guns for the Hungarians, as all the guns required are available in other nation’s ranges.

Gun crew can be found in HSO101 Hungarian Artillery Group. 

Anti-tank Guns

The 37mm 37M Gun (Left) is the German 3.7cm PaK 36, while the 40mm 40M gun is simply the 37mm 37M Gun redesigned to take the 40mm Bofors round.

Both can be represented by the GSO501 3.7cm PaK36 gun.

The 5cm PaK 38 (left) was supplied to the Hungarian in 1942 and designated the 50mm 38M gun by the Hungarians.

Use the GSO502 5cm PaK38 gun.

The 7.5cm PaK 97/38 was also supplied to the Hungarians (75mm 97/38M gun).

Use the GSO503 7.5 Pak97/38 gun.

Even six 7.5cm PaK 40s (75mm 40M gun) were supplied to the infantry of the 1st Armoured Field Division in 1942.

5cm PaK 38 gun

Use the GSO504 7.5cm PaK40 gun. 

A number of Belgium 47mm guns (47mm 36M guns) were also supplied, but we currently don’t have a model to represent this unusual little gun.

80mm 5/8M gun during WWI

Artillery Guns

The 80mm 5/8M gun was a WWI Skoda design, similar to the Krupp model 06.

This gun can be represented by using the ISO505 75/27 gun.

The 100mm 14M gun is the same Skoda howitzer used by the Italians as the 100/17.

Use the ISO506 100/17 howitzer.

The Batteries of the 1st Armoured Field Division were equipped with the 105mm 37M howitzer (right), which was the German 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer.

Use GSO513 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer.

105mm 37M howitzer
40mm 36M Bofors gun

Anti-aircraft Gun

The 40mm 36M Bofors gun is the same world wide, and like many other nation’s wasn’t fitted with a shield. I recommend the BR540 Bofors gun, as the Crew are the easiest to convert.

I will have a more detailed article on how to convert the seated crew to Hungarians soon.

We also have the HSO501 40mm Bofors AA Nest, which comes with Hungarian crew and resin nest position.



Converted Bofors

Gun Crew

As part of our Special Order catalogue (and available through mail-order) wel have a number of command, observer and staff teams and extras available for the Hungarians.

HSO101 Hungarian Artillery Group gun crew
80mm 5/8M Gun Left: ISO505 with Hungarian crew (80mm 5/8M Gun). I’ve replaced the wheels with limber wheels, but the original Italian wheels are also perfectly fine.
Most importantly it includes a set of five gun crew that can be used with all the above guns. It will also contain helmeted heads (GSO189) for easily converting the Bofors crew.
Right: GSO501 with Hungarian crew and Observers (37mm 36M or 40mm 40M Gun). I’ve used a mix of the crew and observers to get everybody squatting down on this small gun. 37mm 36M or 40mm 40M Gun

HSO101 Hungarian Artillery Group Observer Rifle team

HSO101 Hungarian Artillery Group Pioneers

Top left: Hungarian Observer.

Bottom left: Páncélvadász/Pioneer miniatures.

Assault Pioneer Platoon

Now comes in its own platoon pack: HU706 Assault Pioneer Platoon.

HSO101 Hungarian Artillery Group Staff team

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