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Preview of Cassino

“To take risks is a matter of honour.” 

- Captain Bernard Brezet. French Expeditionary Corps, 1943.

The Allied push up the boot of Italy has come to a dramatic halt outside the small Italian town of Cassino. Looming above the battlefield is a large Benedictine monastery, which commands the approach up the Liri Valley toward Rome.

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Forces in Cassino
In Cassino you can spearhead the Allied assault or take up positions in along the tough German defensive lines. Take command as the Goums, Nisei, US cavalry, Indians or New Zealanders and push the Germans out of the way and march on Rome. Or lead the tough German paratroopers, grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers to repel everything the Allies throw at you.

Right: German army lists.
German Army Lists
Allied Army Lists

Cassino also gives you the chance to personally lead your men to glory in Infantry Aces, a brand new escalation campaign system. With Infantry Aces you are a junior officer who has to take over your company after the death of your commanding officer. As you earn medals and gain experience, you will get special rules. Your battles will help secure Cassino for your side, culminating in an epic final battle with all of your friends.

Left: Allied army lists.

Infantry Aces

In this book you will find:

  • The history of the bloody fight for Cassino and the road to Rome.
  • History and tactics of the Moroccan Goums, the Nisei (Japanese-American), the 91st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, the 4th & 8th Indian Division, and the 2nd New Zealand Division.
  • The option to field a Goum or Nisei Rifle Companies, a Dismounted Cavalry Squadron, and Indian or New Zealand rifle companies.
  • History and tactics of the 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision, the 44. Reichsgrenadierdivision Hoch und Deutschmeister, and the 90. ‘Sardinien’ Panzergrenadierdivision.
  • The option to field a Fallschirmjägerkompanie, a Reichsgrenadierkompanie, and a Panzergrenadierkompanie.
  • Introducing Infantry Aces, the brand new escalation campaign system where you will fight for victory and glory with the heroes of Cassino. Everything you need to play is included in this 32 page section.

The fate of Cassino is in your hands. Will it fall and open the road to Rome to the Allies, or will the Germans continue to hold on against the onslaught?

Infantry Aces Campaign Map

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