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Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505) Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
with three Hotchkiss 25mm guns, three gun crews, Command Rifle team, three Medium bases & one Small base.

During the 1920s, the French Army realised that their anti-tank capabilities were insufficient to deal with any opposing tanks of the time. Hotchkiss then got to work on designing a potential candidate.

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Accepted by the army in 1934, the canon de 25mm semi-automatique modèle 1934 or canon de 25 for short was the French Army’s main anti-tank weapon at the outbreak of the Second World War.

In addition to arming the French Army, the canon de 25 also saw service with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). By this time, all available 2pdr anti-tank guns were needed by the artillery ant-tank regiments, so the infantry purchased
canon de 25 from the French instead.
Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
"The Hotchkiss 25mm gun has a Gun shield which means that even if you fail a Gun save, your opponent must make a Firepower test to destroy that team. But remember, Gun shields only provide Bulletproof cover from shots fired from in front of the gun."
Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505) These guns were so light that they were carried on the back of the 15 cwt trucks rather than towed behind them. These equipped the brigade anti-tank company of three anti-tank platoons. An anti-tank platoon would be attached to each battalion, and assigned to the sector most vulnerable to tanks and most in need of anti-armour support.
"The Hotchkiss 25mm gun is rated as a Light gun, this give it 4”/10cm of movement in all terrain so be sure to deploy these guns in positions with excellent fields of fire. You don’t want to have to move too far to shoot at the enemy."

Although the gunners had little time to familiarise themselves with these weapons, they held the Hotchkiss guns in high regard as an effective weapon.

Gun designed by Karl Cederman
Figures designed by Anton Ducrot
Painted by Mark Hazell

Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
The 25mm Hotchkiss Gun in Flames Of War
Hotchkiss 25mm gun
Gun shield, No HE.
Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505) Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505) Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
"The Hotchkiss 25mm gun has No HE. The lack of a High Explosive (HE) rounds means that hits cannot be allocated to any Infantry or Gun teams."
Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505) Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505) Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
Hotchkiss 25mm Gun (BR505)
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