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Blitzkrieg BEF Machine-gun Platoon (BR704)
with Command Rifle Team & 4 Vickers HMG teams with crew.

Each corps has its own specialist machine-gun battalions. These were assigned to divisions as needed and then companies loaned out to each infantry brigade, which can then loan platoons of four Vickers Mk I medium machine-guns to battalions as required.

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The Vickers machine-gun is the perfect weapon for the indirect-fire tactics perfected during the Great War. It has proven its reputation for foolproof reliability, and being water-cooled will fire for hours without jamming.

Designed by Evan Allen & Anton Ducrot

Painted by James Brown & Jeremy Painter
British HMG Platoon (BR704)
British HMG Platoon (BR704) British HMG Platoon (BR704)
British HMG Platoon (BR704) British HMG Platoon (BR704)
British HMG Platoon (BR704)
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