47mm SA-37 (FR510) 47mm SA-37 (FR510)
with one Command Rifle Team & two 47mm SA-37 gun with crew.

Like the British, the French share the task of anti-tank defence between the infantry and the artillery. While the infantry have their CDAC, the artillery has a Batterie Divisionnaire Anti-Chars (BDAC), or Divisional Anti-tank Battery, as the 10th Battery of the artillery regiment. This battery has four platoons, each with two new 47mm SA-37 anti-tank guns. Some reserve units still have old 75mm field guns instead.
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The 47mm SA-37 Anti-tank gun in Flames Of War

Mobility: Medium; Range: 24"/60cm
ROF: 3; Anti-tank: 9; Firepower 4+

Gun shield, No HE.

47mm SA-37 (FR510)
47mm SA-37 (FR510) 47mm SA-37 (FR510)
47mm SA-37 (FR510) 47mm SA-37 (FR510)
47mm SA-37 (FR510)
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