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Polish Tank Company Assembling the Polish Tank Company
with Mark Hazell

Although Poland only has two battalions of 7TP light tanks, they still have more of them than the Germans have of their similarly-armed Panzer III tank. Poland’s tanks spearhead the attempts to break through German encirclements and save Warsaw, fighting bravely until the end. You can field a company of well armed 7TP tanks and the fearless men that crewed them in a Kompania Czolgow.

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The Contents 

Firstly, let’s take a look at the contents of the Polish Tank Company box set; contact the Customer Service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.

The Polish Tank Company contains 16 tanks and 4 guns. Begin by opening up the box and sorting out all the figures as per the contents pictures below. In the pictures below you will see a breakdown of what figure or part is what and how many are included in the box set. Once you have checked that you have the correct number of components, you can start constructing your army. The army box also includes 2 small bases, 1 medium base and 4 large bases.

Below: The 7WP jw tank hulls and tracks.
7WP jw hull & tracks
Below: The 7WP jw turret parts.
7WP jw turret parts
Note: The army box set also includes the turret parts to build the Polish 7TP dw tank.

Below: The turret parts for the 7WP dw tank.
7WP dw turret parts
Right: The Commander figures for the 7WP tanks.

Below: The TKS parts and Tank Commander figures.

Note: The track for the TKS is can be used on either side of the hull.
7WP jw Tank Commanders
TKS parts and Tank command figures
Below: The parts for the 75mm guns.
The parts for the 75mm guns
Below: The parts for the 75mm Gun Limber.
The 75mm Gum Limber parts
Below: The 75mm gun crew figures.
The 75mm Gum Crew Figures
Observer Team and Radioman Figures Left: The Observer team and Radioman figures.
Right: The NCO figures.
The NCO figures
The Officer Figures Left: The Officer figures.
Right: The Staff Team Table. The Staff Team Table
The assembly instructions for the 7TP jw Headquarters

Company HQ

The first thing to do is assemble your Company HQ. In this case, the Polish Tank Company has a single 7TP jw tank. The picture on the left shows the basic assembly of this tank. Things to watch out for when cleaning up the 7TP tracks are the spaces between the drive wheel and the bogie wheels; these should be clear of any flash.

There are two turret options provided in the box, the resin turrets of the 7TP jw and the metal version to create the twin turrets of the 7TP dw.

Note: All of the 7TPs in this army box set are intended to be the 7TP jw using the resin turret with the 37mm gun.

Left: The assembly instructions for the 7TP jw.
Note: It is important to note that there are two different turret decks that sit in the recess in the top of the resin hull. The examples on the right shows both versions; when building the 7TP jw use the version with the single, large cut out. The different turret decks
Combat Platoons

Czolgow Platoon
Two Czolgow Platoons are also included in the army box. Each of these is made up of 5 7TP jw tanks, these are built in the exact same manner as the Company HQ.
Refer to the assembly instructions shown above.

Divisional Support

Light Gun Battery
The Light Gun Battery contains four 75mm guns, a Command Rifle team and a Staff team. The guns and crew are assembled as shown below. The Command Rifle team made up of an Officer, an NCO and a Rifleman. The Staff Team is constructed on a medium base and has the table surrounded by a Radioman, two Officers and a Rifleman. You can also assemble an optional Observer team, this is made up of a kneeling Rifleman and a prone Observer figure with binoculars.
Each of the 75mm guns also come with a Limber, these can be modelled as if in transit or if deployed.
The assembly instructions for the 75mm gun Left: The assembly instructions for the 75mm gun.

Note: If fielding the Motorised Battery option use the rubber wheels on the guns. If you decide to field the Light Gun Battery (which is the default option for this box set), use the spoked wheels on the guns.
Right: The assembly instructions for the 75mm gun limber in transit.
Assembly instructions for 75mm gun Limber in transit
Assembly instructions for the 75mm gun Limber when deployed Left: The assembly instructions for the 75mm gun Limber when deployed.
Right: An example of a Observer team for the Light Gun Battery.
An example of a Observer Team
Left: An example of a Command Rifle Team for the Light Gun Battery.
Right: An example of a Staff Team for the Light Gun Battery.
An example of a Staff Team
TKS assembly instructions Reconnaissance Tank Platoon
The Reconnaissance Tank Platoon is made up of 5 TKS tankettes. These tankettes are all armed with the machine-gun option by default but if you wish up to half of the platoon can be upgraded to TKS (20mm FKA) tankettes (see page 29 of Blitzkrieg for more details).

Left: The assembly instructions of the TKS tankette.

With all of the models now assembled, your now ready to paint them up and defend Poland from the German invaders.

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Have Fun.

~ Mark.

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