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Blitzkrieg Logo Staff Early War Armies:
Kyran's British Infantry Tank Company

As soon as discussions began concerning staff armies in the office for Blitzkrieg, I put forward a bid to do the Matilda Infantry Tank Company.

Matilda Senior’s are the Tigers of Early War, with a front armour of 7 and a side armour of 6 most anti-tank weapons will just bounce harmlessly off the hull. Armed with the reliable ROF 3, 2pdr gun and a Co-ax MG the Matilda is more than a match for Fritz’s tanks.

I managed to get five of these beasties into the force before some other choices were required. To help out on the flanks against infantry I put in a platoon of A11 Matilda’s. These little guys only have a MG turret but with a FA of 6 they will be staying around for a while.

To flesh out the force it just had to be some Royal Artillery. Say hello to the 18pdr, with a ROF 2 and an AT of 8 these boys fill the slot of Artillery and Anti-tank in any force. I have always been a fan of the resin artillery bases that we have in our British Artillery boxed sets, so when I found out we are going to start selling them separately I got my hands on some of the samples and using a bit of putty based all the Early War 18pdr crews onto the resin bases.

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The British Infantry Tank Company Organisation Diagram
British Infantry Tank Company Organisation Diagram

Kyran's British Infantry Tank Company

As you can see there is still plenty of painting to go and I can’t wait to do some of the Camo patterns on the tanks. Long term I would like to add some more stuff to the force, namely a Rifle Platoon for holding an objective and a Vickers Mk IV B light tank (this is not for any tactical advantage I just think they look cool).


Kyran's British Infantry Tank Company force
(Painted samples from the Battlefront collection)
Company HQ - 265 points

1 x A12 Matilda Senior tank
1 x Light Mk VI B tank
Combat Platoons
A11 Tank Platoon - 185 points

3 x A11 Matilda

A11 Matildas painted by James Brown

A12 Tank Platoon - 475 points

2 x A12 Matilda Senior


A12 Tank Platoon - 475 points

2 x A12 Matilda Senior

Support Platoons

Motorised Battery, Royal Artillery - 225 points

4 x OQF 18 pdr

British Rifle Platoon painted by James Brown

Rifle Platoon (Territorial) - 110 points

2 x Rifle Squads

Total: 1750 points

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