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Between the two World Wars, Britain’s main concern was
policing its far-flung empire. Europe was of little concern
with Germany neutralised by the Treaty of Versailles and the
French unlikely to succeed in crossing the English Channel
against the Royal Navy. The British government was so sure
that the Royal Navy and their new darlings, the Royal Air
Force could see off any threats that, even after rearmament
began in earnest, the British Army got little funding.

As a result, when the war came Britain could only offer France
a British Expeditionary Force (BEF) of just one corps of three
infantry divisions (compared with 33 French divisions immediately
ready for action). This rose to a full army of ten divisions by the time the Germans invaded. Where the BEF shone was its quality. Every single division was motorised, and many of the battalions were made up of professional soldiers unlike their allies and enemies who were all conscripts.
Britain At War
Britain At War
The Miracle of Dunkirk
British Forces
British Forces
Major-General Bernard Montgomery
Major-General Bernard Montgomery
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