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Aufklärungsschwadrons in Tunisia and Italy Aufklärungsschwadrons in Tunisia and Italy

The Aufklärungsschwadron conducts reconnaissance in force, testing the enemy’s positions and exploiting any weak spots they encounter.

The Aufklärungs platoon provides the supporting Panzerspäh platoons with the firepower to punch through the enemy’s lines and begin their reconnaissance. They are always close at hand to flush out enemy infantry or hold down a position on the line while the armoured cars dash for their objective.

Jeeps and motorcycles are equipped with machine-guns to increase the platoon’s firepower while on the move.

10. Panzerdivision in Tunisia
When the 10. Panzerdivision arrived in Tunisia it had been recently reorganised and included 10. Aufklärungsabteilung (10th Reconnaissance Battalion) with one half-tracked and two motorised Aufklärungsschwadrons, and one Panzerspähkompanie. The division took part in the battles for Teboura and Medjerda and Operations Eilbote and Ochsenkopf.

Herman Göring Panzer Division
in Sicily and Italy

In Sicily the major armoured unit was the Herman Göring Panzer Division, which was being built from the survivors of the General Göring Division that had been destroyed in Tunisia. It was formed in June 1943 and included a Panzeraufklärungssabteilung (armoured reconnaissance battalion). The abteilung had a half-tracked and a motorised Aufklärungsschwadron, and a Panzerspähkompanie. In Sicily Panzeraufklärungssabteilung Herman Göring was part of Kampfgruppe Rebholz. The division also fought in Italy through Calabria, and at Anzio and Cassino.

General Goring Cuff Title
German Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad) armoured cars 16. Panzerdivision in Italy
Another panzer division with a Panzeraufklärungssabteilung to see action in Italy in late 1943 was the 16. Panzerdivision. The 16. Panzeraufklärungssabteilung took part in the fighting at Salerno with two half-tracked Aufklärungsschwadrons, and two Panzerspähkompanies.

26. Panzerdivision in Italy
The 26. Panzerdivision also took part in the fighting against the Allied landings at Salerno. It had three half-tracked Aufklärungs-schwadrons, and a Panzerspähkompanie.

Download the Mid-war Aufklärungsschwadron Intelligence Briefing for Tunisia, Sicily and Italy.

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