Assembling The Jeep (UBX65, UBX74, UBX79, BBX73)

How to assemble your Jeep.

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Plastic Jeep Sprue
Plastic Jeep Sprue Parts
US Army Jeep parts
British Army Jeep parts
US: 50. cal MG | British: 0.5-inch MG
British ONLY: MG
US: MG | British: AA MG
Common stowage/accessories

To assemble your Jeep, identify the parts required depending on the nation & model you wish to build, then follow the steps below. The example below is a US Army Jeep with the 50. cal attached.

Step 1. Begin assembly of the Jeep by attaching the hood to the front of the main chassis.

Step 2: Attach the rear panel to the back of the main chassis
(OPTIONAL) Step 3. Next, glue the windshield to the top of the hood. (OPTIONAL) Step 4. Now attach the machine gun to the main hull of the Jeep in the slot shown. We've attached the 50. cal in this example. Below: The main chassis of the Jeep is now complete.
Step 5. Now glue the crew of the Jeep in their positions. (OPTIONAL) Step 6. Stowage and accessories can be added to customise the jeeps. Shown below is a British SAS Jeep, with the AA MG and some stowage options.
British SAS Jeep

See below for some finished examples of the Plastic Jeep

Armoured Rifle Company HQ (Plastic) (UBX74) Airborne Jeep Recon Patrol (Plastic) (UBX65) Jeep Recce Troop / SAS Section (Plastic) (BBX73)

US Army Jeep with .50 cal MG

US Airborne Jeep with .50 cal MG

British SAS Jeep with MG and AA MG

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