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Desert Obstacles (BB127)

Battlefield in a Box Desert Obstacles (BB127)
with three pre-painted Minefields and one pre-painted Anti-tank Obstacle.

Anti-tank Obstacles are impassable to tanks, allowing a defender to block off an attack route.
Meanwhile the Minefields are filled with anti-tank and anti-personnel mines which are perfect to stall an enemy attack in vulnerable positions while your anti-tank guns and machine-guns pick them apart.
Desert Obstacles (BB127)
Box contains:

3x Pre-painted Minefields (8"/20cm x 2"/5cm)
1x Pre-painted Anti-tank obstacle (8"/20cm x 2"/5cm)
1x Packet of GF9 Static Grass: Parched Straw.
1x Packet of GF9 Static Grass: Spring Undergrowth.
Desert Obstacles (BB127)
The Anti-tank Obstacle
Desert Obstacles (BB127)
The Minefields
Desert Obstacles (BB127)
Desert Obstacles (BB127)
The GF9 Static Grasses Included in the Box
Below: GF9 Static Grass: Parched Straw. Below: GF9 Static Grass: Spring Undergrowth.
GF9 Static Grass: Parched Straw GF9 Static Grass: Spring Undergrowth
The Desert Obstacles Deployed on the Battlefield
Desert Obstacles (BB127)

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