World War III: Team Yankee - Blazing Embers - WWIII Escalation 2021

World War III: Team Yankee - Blazing Embers - WWIII Escalation 2021

World War III: Team Yankee - Blazing Embers - WWIII Escalation 2021
The inaugural holding of Blazing Embers: WWIII Escalation one day event was held on Saturday 28th August 2021. The format saw three games throughout the day drawn from a list of 120 points. The first game you could not use more than 80 points of your 120 point pool, the second game you could not use more than 100 points of your 120 point pool and the third game you could use your full pool of 120 points. There was a limitation on the use of infantry to one platoon per formation with a maximum of 2 formations per force. This was to help improve game flow on the day. Also, the missions for the day were pre-set missions to enhance game flow as well.

The first round’s mission was Scout’s Out. We saw the battle of the ditch with Terrance’s French AMX-30 Escadron Blinde formation up against Phil’s British “Blazing Boneheads” or colloquially called a Medium Recce Squadron with a Chieftain Armoured Squadron. The French concentrated on destroying the British Strikers but the British doggedness proved stronger, delaying the result the French needed before the Chieftains arrived from reserve. As a result this petered out into a brutal mutual loss.

Next up Craig’s elite West German Leopard 2 PanzerKompanie took on Nick’s Soviet T-80 tank company. At 80 points and delayed reserves, the West German’s struggled especially when BMP3’s were taking out Leopard 2’s from the front. Nick also drove his T-80 up the flank and got crucial side shots on the Leopard 2A5’s and it was all over by turn three.

Matt’s Soviet T-64 tank battalion took on Ian’s US Light Attack Company and Allied Marder 2 Company. Ian unashamedly called his list a Soviet killer list and it proved to live up to this claim. It was a bloody affair but the US triumphed with great effectiveness from the Marder 2’s.

The final match up in the first round saw Garry’s Soviet T- 62M tank battalion take on Jasmine’s Dutch Leopard 2 Escadron. The Dutch infantry proved to be stubborn and effective, even taking out some tanks. This match up proved to be a battle of attrition and ended in a bloody mutual loss.

World War III: Team Yankee - Blazing Embers - WWIII Escalation 2021

The second round’s mission was Encounter. Matt’s Soviet army took on Craig’s elite West Germans. This was a classic case of too many numbers against too few. The West German’s just didn’t have enough units on the table to protect both objectives but it still proved to be a brutal battle with significant losses on both sides.

The Soviets, this time Garry’s T-62M’s met Terrance’s French Coq Bleu. The French struggled to hold back the Soviet tide while their reserves continued to enjoy the high life back at base. The result saw the Soviets triumph but with significant losses.

Nick’s Soviets then came up against Ian’s Soviet killers. This was a local grudge match. The Marders once again proved effective in stopping the Soviet masses and kept Ian’s claims of Soviet killers well and truly alive.

The last battle for this round we saw the Dutch up against the “Blazing Boneheads.” Jasmine’s more elite Dutch couldn’t contain the more numerous British and fell to a convincing defeat

The third and final round’s mission was Dust Up. Nick and Garry exchanged planned friendly exercises for all-out war as the Soviets fell to in fighting. We had the T-80’s trying to prove their metal against the older T-62M’s. The brutal exchange of fire by both forces was so devastating that neither side had enough left to achieve the stated objectives. Ending in a mutual loss.

The top table after two rounds was between Phil’s “Blazing Boneheads” and Ian’s Soviet Killers. The US pushed and pushed but the British infantry lived up the British Bulldog heritage and stopped the US at the gates of victory. Once the Chieftains got into position, they ably backed up the infantry gatekeepers. The result saw another mutual loss.

The French Coq Bleu returned to haunt the Soviets again, this time it was Matt’s T-64 Tank battalion. The French went all aggressive and startled the Russians who then were hesitant with their strategy tactics. This proved fatal with the French overwhelming the Soviets who broke and ran.

Another grudge match between neighbours. This time Jasmine’s Dutch met the West Germans run by Craig. A tactical error by the Dutch on one flank proved fatal which then ended in them being routed and leaving the field.

World War III: Team Yankee - Blazing Embers - WWIII Escalation 2021

All the players thoroughly enjoyed the day which was reflected in the Best Sport award with a roll off after a three-way tie. The final results were:

Best Sport:
Jasmine Degurechaff

Best Painted:
Jasmine Degurechaff

Ian Baxendell - US Light Attack Coy & West German Marder 2Coy
=2nd: Nick Ashby - Soviet T-80 Tank Battalion
=2nd: Terrance Trudget - French AMX-30 Escadron Blinde
4th: Phil Baker - British Medium Recce Squadron & Chieftain Armoured Squadron
5th: Garry Wait - Soviet T-62M Tank Battalion
6th: Craig Miller - West German Leopard 2 PanzerKompanie
7th: Matt Yakamov - Soviet T-64 Tank Battalion
8th: Jasmine Degurechaff - Dutch Leopard 2 Escadron

World War III: Team Yankee - Blazing Embers - WWIII Escalation 2021

World War III: Team Yankee - Blazing Embers - WWIII Escalation 2021

An event could not be organised and run without significant help from many supporters. Firstly, our host, Irresistible Force for providing the premises and significant prizes for all to enjoy. These prizes were for lucky door prizes to ensure no one went away empty handed. Also, they provided a set of battle mission tokens to all players that attended.

Adam Brooker once again provided dice tins to the prize pool. He is a hero of the Flames of War and Team Yankee/WWIII community here in Australia. Thanks for your support Adam and when lock-downs finish I look forward to seeing you make it to an event for yourself.

The terrain provided came from many locals who deserve mention. We had a high level of detail and as such fun due to the following people’s generosity:

Clayton Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, Terrance Trudget, Phil Baker, Matt Yakamov and Garry Wait. The event would not have been as successful without your generosity.

Finally, but most definitely not least, the players themselves. Everyone played in such a great spirit they made my job as TO a joy and a breeze.
~Duane McAndrew

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