Infanteriedivision Ferdinand von Schill

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Infanteriedivision Ferdinand von Schill

The Infanteriedivision Ferdinand von Schill was formed on 24 April 1945 at the Sturmgeschützschule Burg (Assault Gun School Burg - now Burg bei Magdeburg) near Magdeburg as the last division to be formed by the German Army. The soldiers of the school were mobilised on 10 April 1945 by the Military District XI as the Americans closed on the Elbe River.

Initially they were equipped as an infantry battle group. They were deployed on the east bank of the Elbe to hold off the advancing troops of the US Ninth Army. The Kampfgruppe was commanded by Major Alfred Müller. Because the Kampfgruppe was allocated a large area to defend they received reinforcements of between 8000 and 10000 men within a few days of forming. Müller then reorganised his Kampfgruppe as an infantry division.

On 20 April Kampfgruppe Burg came under the command of the Twelfth Army and the unit was renamed Infanteriedivision Ferdinand von Schill. Their commander was also promoted to Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant-Colonel).  

The two Grenadier Regiments and the Fusilier Battalion were up to strength, but other elements were weak due to insufficient equipment and trained men to bring them up the requirements of a Type 1945 infantry division. However, they did have their own assault guns in their own brigade of three assault gun batteries, a special battery with training tanks, and a Begleit (Escort) Battery. Initially it was organised a Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung (with 31 StuG assault guns), but due the proximity of armament factories they were soon expanded to a Sturmgeschütz-Brigade, they were then able to add an infantry escort element and a battery of tanks to finally become Sturm-Artillerie-Brigade Schill (with 31 StuG assault guns, a Begleit-Batterie, and Sonder-Batterie (Special Battery) with Panzer II, IV and V tanks from the Altengrabow training school).

The division was named after the Prussian Ferdinand von Schill (1776-1809) who raised a free corps, Schillsche Jäger, and revolted unsuccessfully against French domination in May 1809 during the Napoleonic Wars. 


Oberstleutnant Müller (24 April 1945 - 8 May 1945)  

Ferdinand von Schill (1776-1809)

Ferdinand von Schill (1776-1809)

Area of operations

Eastern Germany (April 1945 - May 1945)

Order of Battle

Grenadier-Regiment Schill 1

Grenadier-Regiment Schill 2

Füsilier-Bataillon Schill

Sturm-Artillerie-Brigade Schill (3 StuG Batteries, Sonder (Special) Battery (Training tanks), and Escort (Begleit) Battery) 

In Flames Of War

You can field this division using the Volksgrenadier Company from Bulge: German.

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