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M3 75mm GMC Unit Card 

Community Unit Cards

Since the release of V4 we have had players submitting their ideas for how to include some of the units and models that have not made it in to the new V4 books.

Here, you will find a collection of Community Unit Cards that have been submitted to us and can now be used in games. We will be periodically returning here to add extra cards to the list as well as accompanying articles by the card designers.

Can We Use These In Tournaments?

Before any of the submitted cards go up on the website we make sure to have a look at them to see if there is anything too outrageous, however they have not gone through the same standard of playtesting that a published product has gone through.

They are open for your feedback, and as in the past, once we have gathered feedback and considered all comments they will be given the all-clear for official use. Until that time see the guidelines below, especially if you're considering using a Community Card for ranked play:

In collaboration with Battle Rankings, we have decided on a selection of updates to the Battle Rankings system for the current tournament season with regards to Community Cards.

1.    Community Cards that have been posted by us on our Flames Of War website can be used in ranked tournaments at the TO discretion (even though they are still unofficial).

2.    Lists or cards posted or made by 3rd parties that have not been posted on the Flames Of War website will not get a rankings score and we will not be allowing these in ranked tournaments.

3.    Any Community Card that becomes Official will be valid everywhere, and added to Forces Of War.

Rankings is a volunteer community-driven site, so please fill in your tournament report accurately using their spreadsheet, and get it sent in as quickly as possible to help get the results posted as soon as possible.


Afrika Korps

Armoured Fist

Fighting First

Avanti Iron Cross  

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