Mid-War Desert Question & Answers

Mid-War Desert Sale Question & Answers

Q: When does North Afrika release?
A: We started the release on the Saturday 12th February with the book, new starter sets and four new army deals and will have weekly releases throughout the rest of February and March.


Q: What part of the range can I find in stores?
A: All of the new release items will be available in stores whilst stocks last, or can be ordered directly from Battlefront at shop.battlefront.co.nz/midwardesert


Q: When will I get my FREE Airborne card pack?
A: Anybody who placed a pre-order for the North Afrika book, either in store or directly with ourselves will receive an Airborne card pack when their order is shipped. Any orders after the release date of the 12th will not receive a free card pack, but will be able to purchase one from the store, as it will be released as it’s own code.


Q: What part of the range is included in the sale?
A: We have a specific web store to keep all of the MW Desert codes in one place, shop.battlefront.co.nz/midwardesert all of the codes here that are not included in the new weekly releases will be marked as in the sale, and have 20% off the purchase price, from 12th Feb through to the 26th March, whilst stocks last. Stocks will not be replenished during the sale period, once they’re gone, they’re gone at that great value price.  Codes will once again be available at a later date, but at full price.


Q: How much stock is there for the direct items?
A: The webstore at shop.battlefront.co.nz/midwardesert will show stock levels for all items being sold during this campaign from both UK and US warehouses. When you go to the shop via that URL, you will automatically be geolocated and directed to the relevant site. Please do check you are in the correct site. ALL stock is visible on the site, as orders get allocated they will remove the stock from the list and when a code goes to 0 it will no longer let anyone put it in their cart


Q: Can I order other ranges at the same time?
A: Using the MW specific web store means anybody who wants to make a MW Desert order will find it all in the one place. This does mean that those orders cannot be combined with codes from the main web store so nobody can add a LW or additional book to their MW Desert order. The new releases are duplicated on the main web store so anyone wanting to do add the ongoing codes to another order can but the sale codes are ONLY on the specific MW site and cannot be ordered through the other shop .


Q: How long will it take to ship my direct order?
A: We intend to pick and ship all orders within 48hrs. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be picked on Mondays.