Flames Of War: The Journey

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

Flames Of War: Late War Journey
The North African campaign has come to a thunderous conclusion as the Afrika Korps is swept aside and scattered to the wind by the Allied forces who now begin their advance up the Boot of Italy.

The bloody siege of Stalingrad has been lifted and the German attempts to destroy the Soviet armies at Kursk have left both sides bloodied and battered.

To the South, the Italian campaign has ground to a halt; Hitler’s ‘soft underbelly’ has not been pierced. To the East, the front has stagnated; the Red Army has not washed away their German foes. The thousand-year Reich hunkers down like a great beast wounded as the German army and its allies take stock of their position. Despite recent setbacks, along the Europe’s western coast the formidable Atlantic Wall stands as testament to the might of the Third Reich.

But plans have been laid to topple that Reich, and as the walls close in, the next hammer blow will come from the west—on the beaches of Normandy…

Come June 2019, Battlefront will be bringing Flames Of War Late-War to V4. Beginning in Normandy and the Liberation of France. V4 Late War is a journey we will be on for the next 4 years as we cover the major campaigns of Late War, unveiling the great weapons of war for each book as they appeared on the battlefield and taking players step-by-step through the climactic final stages of the Second World War.

To give you a better idea of the journey we intend to take you on, and the vast number of options you’ll have to experience Late-War with us, we’ve put together a Plan of Attack to keep us all on the same page.

Flames Of War: Late War Journey Flames Of War: Late War Journey

Click on either of the images to download a PDF of the Product Releases you will see in the Late War Journey

May 2019, Colours of War:
Is also scheduled for a re-release in 2019. This time, the book will include comprehensive expert guides on painting forces from all over the world from World War II and World War III Team Yankee. The new book will also see Battlefront return to Vallejo Model Colour Paints.
Flames Of War: Late War Journey
May 2019, Rulebook:
A new print run of the Rule Book will be released to line up with Late War. This new print will see no new rules or rule changes, but will see updated images and examples to reflect the inclusion of Late War in V4. The current 1941-1942 rulebook will still be entirely compatible with Late War.
Flames Of War: Late War Journey June 2019, Fortress Europe:
Will be the first Late War book release, and will allow players who have just put together a Mid-War army for one of the four major nations to play with those models in Late War. Fortress Europe will also include more fleshed-out lists for British and Soviet players who will have a longer wait until their specific Late War books, as well as Unit Card packs.
June 2019, FURY and Hit the Beach:
Will be our two new starter sets. FURY is a small starter set similar to Stalingrad or El Alamein with 5 plastic tanks. Hit the Beach is a more comprehensive starter kit than FURY, similar to Open Fire!, and includes infantry, guns, and tanks. Everything you need to start playing games right off the bat, Hit the Beach is a big box of toys for great value, offering a considerable discount compared to purchasing all the components separately. Both starter sets are German vs American and both sets include a quick play guide, mini rulebook, assembly guides, unit cards, and dice.
Flames Of War: Late War Journey
Flames Of War: Late War Journey June 2019, Army Deals:
Much like (but bigger and even better value) the Army Deals that accompany each other book release, there will be a late war boxed army release for each of the major four nations—German, British, American, and Soviet, with the complete A5 Rule Book, assembly guides, and Unit cards that will be consistent with Fortress Europe and the first wave of Late War D-Day books.
Starting July 2019, Organised Play & Buildup League:
Will be a series of gaming and hobby nights organised over four months for clubs and stores all over the world to get their players playing and modeling together with any one of the four Late War nations. Starting with a 50 point force, players will attend regular get togethers to collect, build, paint, and play with their force until they have developed it to 100 points. The events are designed to get communities to spend more time playing and hobbying together and get them prepared for the global Campaign with Beasts of War.

July 2019, American D-Day Book:
Will be the first specific Army Book for Late War. This release will cover the American forces that landed in Normandy and dropped behind enemy lines, as well as the breakout forces that helped secure the the liberation of France. 100+ pages in length. This book will include the following formations:

D-Minus 1 Formations: Parachute Rifle Company, Glider Rifle Company,

D-Day Formations: Ranger Company, Assault Company, Rifle Company, Veteran Assault Company, Veteran Rifle Company, 

Breakout Formations: M4 Sherman Tank Company, M5 Stuart Tank Company, Armored Rifle Company, M4 Sherman Veteran Tank Company, M5 Stuart Veteran Tank Company, Veteran Armored Rifle Company, M10 Tank Destroyer Company,

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

and plenty of support options. The book will also include three different D-Day-themed missions with airborne landings, beach landings, breakouts, and bocage battles.

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

September 2019, German D-Day Book:
Is a partner book to the American D-Day Book, covering German forces manning the formidable Atlantic Wall during the D-Day landings and those facing the allied advance one hedgerow at a time through the French countryside during the desperate defence of France. It will be 120+ pages and will include the following formations:

Beach Defenders: Infantry Company,

Airborne Formations: Fallschirmjӓger Company, FJ StuG Company,

Army Formations: Panzer IV Tank Company, Panther Tank Company, Panzergrenadier Company, Reconnaissance Company, Tiger Tank Company,

alongside a lot of support options. The book will also include three different D-Day-themed missions with airborne landings, beach landings, breakouts, and bocage battles.

September 2019, D-Day Landing Terrain Set:
To help take the guesswork out of playing beach landings, we will be releasing a themed cardboard terrain pack. This gives players what they need to transform a normal grass battle mat into a well-fortified beach with cardboard fortifications and landing craft. The pack will also include a paper battle map segment to create the beach portion of the battlefield on your own battle mat at home. These cardboard terrain sets make it quick to set up games and are easy to store when the games are finished. We will also be releasing a durable 4’x2’ vinyl mat, similar to our other printed mats. Everything released in cardboard will also be available in either our Battlefield in a Box range, or as Flames Of War products on the website.

September 2019, Bloody Omaha - Ace Campaign:
Bloody Omaha is a new card-based campaign system flexible enough to fit any gaming group size or schedule. The full campaign will run between 4-7 missions meaning you can play it as a one-day mini-tournament or enjoy it over a series of weeks. As the campaign progresses, each player will watch their Ace (or Hero) develop and pick up new skills. The Bloody Omaha set includes a mix of Mission, Rewards, and Ace Cards that plot out the series of missions as well as detail the advances their Aces achieve. As the Germans, push the Allies back off the beaches and into the sea, or as the Allies, drive through the German defences and take Paris. The final outcome is in your hands.

October 2019, Beasts of War Global Campaign:
Players of any of the Late War nations will have the opportunity to take part in a massive global campaign to decide the outcome of 1944. Players will take their Buildup League armies and pit them against one another on one of two theatres, the beaches and bocage of the Western Front or the steppes and forests of the Eastern Front. Battle reports and rankings will be logged online with Beasts of War, and players will have to meet regularly to play in order to ensure their side comes out on top.

February 2020, British D-Day Book:
Covering the British and Commonwealth forces that stormed Gold, Juno, and Sword beaches during the Seaborne landings of Operation Overlord, those that fought in the liberation of France, and the daring but ultimately ill-fated Operation Market Garden forces. 100-140 pages. Includes:

D-Minus 1 Formations: Parachute Company, Airlanding Company, Airborne Armoured Recce Squadron,

Hit The Beaches Formations: Sherman Armoured Squadron, Rifle Company, Veteran Rifle Company, Commando Company,

Breakout Formations: Churchill Tank Squadron, Cromwell Armoured Squadron, Cromwell Armoured Recce Squadron, Sherman Armoured Squadron, Motor Company,

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

and a wealth of support options. The book will also include three different D-Day-themed missions with airborne landings, beach landings, breakouts, and bocage battles.

February 2020, Bocage (3D) Terrain Set:
Our second cardboard terrain set will give players the tools to recreate the Bocage country beyond the beaches of Normandy, including 3D cardboard bocage terrain for your Rural French table.

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

April 2020, Waffen SS Booklet:
A comprehensive book of SS force options for the Normandy Campaign will be released in the following months to round out the German forces in France.

It will include, among others, Panzer IV SS Tank Company, Panther SS Tank Company, SS Panzergrenadier Company, SS Reconnaissance Company.

May 2020, Soviet Bagration Book:
Having overcome the Germans during the desperate battles at Stalingrad and Kursk the Soviets are now turning the tide against the Germans with offensives in near Leningrad and the Ukraine all with the aim of reclaiming the Motherland and preparing for the final drive to Berlin!

Soviet players will have access to a wide variety of Red Army units and equipment to throw against the Germans, including full battalions of T-34/85 tanks, the fearsome IS-2 heavy tank and support from ISU tank hunters. Additionally those survivors of Kursk and Stalingrad have formed the core of new Hero Companies and are turning the tide against the Germans. 120-200 pages.

Flames Of War: Late War Journey
Flames Of War: Late War Journey

August 2020, German Bagration Book:
Late War German lists for the desperate battle on the Eastern Front. Same period, but different organisations and lists to the German D-Day Book. 120-200 pages.

  • January 2021, Axis Allies: Late-War Finnish, Hungarians, and Romanians.
  • March 2021, American Bulge Book: American forces during the Battle of the Bulge.
  • June 2021, German Bulge: German forces during the Battle of the Bulge.
  • September 2021, British Rhine Book: Covering later British forces in the drive to Berlin.
  • December 2021, Berlin Campaign: Covering the final days of the War.

Merry Christmas From Battlefront
Peter sits down to take a quick look back at our achievements over the past 12 months and then goes through at all the massive things happening next year for Flames Of War, Team Yankee and TANKS.

From the Late War Journey, to changes and new products for Team Yankee it is going to be a fantastic year.


  • Fortress Europe is a collection of units, some of which were in use during Mid War, that saw use early in the Late War time period. It will allow players to field almost all of what they have in Mid War for Late War. A focus on British and Soviet units will allow for players of those nations who have built a Mid War army to join in with Late War ahead of their specific national books. German and US players can field formations from Fortress Europe or their dedicated D-Day books or both in conjunction. Fortress Europe is an early Late War book that can be used to field a force from any of the major four nations.
  • Colours of War is also scheduled for a re-release in 2019. This time, the book will include comprehensive expert guides on painting forces from all over the world from World War II and World War III Team Yankee . The new book will also see Battlefront return to Vallejo Model Colour Paints and Paint Sets.

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

  • All Late War books will cross over just like Mid War, a D-Day German formation can fight alongside a German Bulge formation.

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

  • Chronological releases of the books will see some units held back until later releases. This will allow for early Late War equipment to see a lot of action and allow players to update or build new armies as we continue on the Late War Journey. Later equipment and units will feature in later books and be pointed appropriately.
  • Players looking to start from scratch will have the opportunity to: buy one of the starter sets, buy one of the D-Day books, along with any of the great-value, all-in-one army deals to start their Late War journey.
  • In between Late War releases there will be dedicated Mid War projects to continue to support Mid War and expand on the setting, including Axis Allies, American Paras, and Fallschirmjӓgers and so on.

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

  • The new Late War journey will offer players a lot of great opportunities for organised and narrative play from the landings at D-Day into the Liberation of France and beyond. Campaign play brings players together like never before, giving them more options to play games at home, club, or local friendly gaming store.


    • Friendly local gaming stores can be the hub of any gaming community, and starting in June we will be launching a 4 month epic Organised Play kit structured around a slow grow or buildup league. These are designed to get players to the stores (or clubs) to play games and work on the hobby aspects of the game together, forming fun and engaging gaming communities. During this time, players will start by building a 50 point force and then grow it into a 100 point army. This format lets new players start building an army right away and get playing quickly.


    • Players who participate will earn exclusive prizes that will be useful in their future games as well as Tactical Edge cards that can be used in the Beasts of War Global campaign and Firestorm: Normandy campaign, starting right after the league finishes at the end of September.


    • Beasts of War Global Campaign. In October, at the conclusion of the Buildup League will be a global campaign that will have players from all over the world fighting across Europe, whether is is on the beaches of Normandy or the Eastern Front. Each game played will influence the outcome of the whole campaign.


    • While the Beasts of War Campaign is in full swing we will also be launching Firestorm: Normandy. This is an in-store or club campaign that will divide players into Axis and Allied groups fighting from the beaches of Normandy to the bocage. In this kit you will find a large poster of Normandy where players will fight on the British or American front, trying to breakthrough the German Defences and liberate France.
  • Starting at the beginning of 1944 and moving chronologically to the end of the War is a journey, and we want all Flames Of War players to come with us. Although some favourite units will not be released until later in Late War, this gives us all the exciting opportunity to play with units that might be overlooked, and a chance to see gameplay develop with new units appearing with each new book to alter the state of play.

We look forward immensely to beginning Late-War with you in June 2019.

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Questions & Answers:

Q. I haven’t played Flames Of War in some time, why should I come back?
A: There are plenty of great reasons. Version 4 Flames Of War is a fast and exciting set of rules that reward aggressive play, making for a really fun game. The new Late War Journey will be a great way for returning players to come back to the hobby as it will progressively roll out the period with many opportunities for Organised Play and other gaming activities. We also have plenty of great new plastics coming out as we move through the Late War period.

Q. Will you be doing anything else for Mid War?
A:We have a series of additional Mid War force lists coming out that will come with card packs to allow players to use new models like the US Paras or German Fallschirmjäger in the Mid War setting.

Q. What about Axis Allies?
A: As well as the major nations we have plans to bring Mid War forces out for Finns, Hungarians and Romanians as well as a book for Late War covering the same nations.

Q. Will there be Unit Card packs for my Nation
A: Each and every Book or Force list will come with a Unit Card pack.

Q. What are your plans around Force Of War, updates and Availablity?
A: We will continue to add the new lists to the Forces Of War as they come out.

Q. If I buy digital versions, how do I get the cards?
A: Card packs for each force will be available when the book is released.

Q. If I buy digital versions, how do I get the cards?
A: Card packs for each force will be available when the book is released.

Q. What about Early War?
A: With our focus on Mid War and now on Late War we will not be tackling Early War for a few years but we have plans to revisit that in the same way we are doing for the other periods of the war.

Q. I’m a British or Soviet player, what and when am I getting some attention?
A: Both will be both getting extensive forces in the Fortress Europe book. The British will get their first specific book after the American and German D-Day books, whilst the Soviets will get one in the following year as part of the Bagration series.

There will also be opportunities for Soviets players to shine as part of our Organised Play events where they can try their hand at overcoming the murderous hedgerows in France where the western allies bogged down, or in our Global Online Campaign where the victory on Eastern and Western Fronts will both be up for grabs.

Q. Will there be rules differences between June ’44, Sept ’44 and Apr ’45?
A: No, there are only formation and force differences within the period no rules changes.

Q. How do I use my old models?
A: If you want to play any period and already have the models all you really need are the unit card packs that go with each book. The book is a great guide as well but as long as you have the Unit Cards you are ready to play.

Q. Can we be involved in playtesting/previews of future armies?
A: We are constantly looking for people to play test and the dozen or so groups we have around the world always need fresh perspectives so if you want to be a playtester there is always a way to join in.

Q. Can we get regular Q&A and Lessons From The Front updates that are scheduled (eg every 3 months)?
A: We have planned to have a better schedule for doing these going forward in 2019.

Q. What are your terrain and mat plans?
A: As we have been doing over the last few years when we have a chance to add more iconic terrain to the Battlefront in a Box range we will. These releases will be focused around specific books so like the ruined factory range in Stalingrad these new codes will fit within the theatre we are currently covering. Coming up as part of D-Day we have another of our great neoprene mats planned, a 4’x2’ Beach Landing Mat

Q. What are your plastic plans?
A: We have planned to release another twenty odd codes of plastic in 2019 like we did in 2018 and the range will expand in the following years so that you could rightly expect to see all the most commonly used vehicles and infantry in plastic.

Q. Where’s my missing models?
A: With ranges that took us over a decade to release we created a comprehensive range leaving almost nothing out. Although this felt like the right choice in the past we are not going to make every model we ever created appear in the new books so choices have been made and some models will no longer be featured in books.