Battlefront Customer Service Update

Battlefront Customer Service Update

Battlefront Customer Service Update

During the year we came to realise that we had lost some of the personal side of dealing with our customers as we became overly reliant on technology and systems, that as good as they can be still are never quite the same as having a real person to help you out.

This led us to revaluate our customer service and direct ordering systems so we decided to take a step forward by taking a step back and put real people in the mix again. Starting immediately we will now have dedicated staff, before this was handled by the entire warehouse team, whose sole job it is to handle your orders and your customer service issues.

Combined with some updates to our website at the start of next year and some internal tweaks to our ordering systems this should make getting in touch simpler, ordering less complex and having your issues dealt with must faster.

Each office will have a direct dial number which will allow you to call in, and avoid the sales team, so you get straight through to who you need. Only customer service staff will answer and they can help you place and order, track a shipment or help fix a problem. These same people will also be on hand to call you directly when issues arise as that is always better than getting another email in your inbox.

These changes should help improve things greatly but we are always striving to improve so as always if you have any feedback once you have tried out the new service just drop us a line.

Here are the details for the two offices.

UK, Europe & ROW 


Direct Line +44 115 704 3250 

Opening Hours:


Monday - Friday 

9.00a.m. - 5.00p.m. GMT
US & Canada 
  Direct Line +1 410 287 2080
Opening hours:  
Monday - Tuesday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m. EST
Wednesday - Thursday 9.00a.m. - 5.30p.m. EST
Friday 9.00a.m. - 5.00p.m. EST

Sometimes we will be busy, so if the phone is not answered immediately, you can always leave a message with your contact number and a member of the Customer Service team will ring you right back.

You can also contact us via email.

[email protected] 

[email protected]



We endeavour to answer all emails within 48 hours not including weekends.