Nationals Standards for North America

Nationals Standards for North America Nationals Standards for North America
with David Griffin

As to anything that has grown organically over the years, the annual points, schedule of events and the Masters invitational remains somewhat of a mystery to many players. We hope the following information help set a structure that everyone can understand.

• The tournament season extends from 1 October through 30 September.

• In order for results to be counted, it must be submitted to WWPD Rankings by 3 October. 

• Any results submitted after this date will be added to the next tournament season. Please note, if your tournament was held on 27 September but the results submitted until 10 October, these results will not be valid in EITHER tournament season.

• Any results of events in October will not be included in the current tournament season, they will be held until 6 October and added then.

• All results for the current season will be entered into WWPD Rankings by 4 October. 

• Battlefront Representatives will pull the official scores on 5 October. 

• Battlefront will attempt to post intended point levels for the next season by the end of the first week in October.

Nationals Standards for North America

Any player is welcome to attend any of the Nationals being run throughout the year. There is currently NO requirement for being able to attend any official Battlefront event except Masters.  

Convention fees to purchase a badge to attend the event hosting the tournament are the individual player's responsibility and should be done before attending the tournament.

For the 2017 season, the following players will receive an automatic invite to Masters:

1. The 2016 Masters Champion.

2, Winner of Bane of War (Southern Nationals).

3. Winner of Adepticon Double Nationals.

4. Winner of Adepticon Double Nationals.

5. Winner of West Coast Nationals.

6. Winner of the Nationals at Historicon.

7. Winner of Canadian Nationals.

8. Number one ranked Canadian player (if not previously invited).

Battlefront will have the top 32 players on the results list pulled from WWPD Rankings from 5 October. The highest ten players not already being invited will receive invitations, if there is a decline, that invitation will proceed to the next highest pointed player not invited.  

If the number one Canadian Player declines the invitation, that spot will be offered to the next player in the top 32, NOT the next highest ranked Canadian.

The invites will continue until either 18 players have accepted or the invite list reaches the 32nd overall ranked player.

Any changes will be announced at the end of the season to be implemented in the next season.

Nationals Standards for North America

Nationals vs. Regionals
A Nationals event is a tournament that is either run by or authorised by Battlefront to be included as a Nationals Tournament. These sites have been balanced by the historical average number of players, location, Tradition and date so as to spread the Nationals across the year and avoid bunching them up or overlapping.

Battlefront has been increasingly partnering with local clubs to promote community involvement within their region in Nationals attendance. Battlefront reserves the right to be the primary voice in planning and organisation, although some of these responsibilities may be handed off to the club if they have a proven track record.

Promotion of a Nationals event will be the responsibility of both parties equally. Battlefront will post the events up in the forum, Facebook and the front-page in a timely fashion. The event organiser(s) are responsible for local and regional outreach to get those players into the event. Battlefront will also maintain the attendance list unless otherwise decided by Battlefront and the event organiser.

Terrain will be discussed with the partnering club on an event by event basis to ensure as high a quality as possible. Battlefront can supply all, some or none of the terrain as determined by the parties involved. Tables should be planned to meet as closely as possible the standard set by the Battlefront-made tournament tables.

A Regionals event is designed to be an event able to be run at a local level but has increased exposure to the regional community as opposed to strictly local.  It also requires more prep time and planning on behalf of the organising club/venue. Regional events are scheduled at least 4-5 months beforehand, this allows for proper advertising and announcements to be made throughout the area via word-of-mouth, forum posting, social media and direct invitation.  This is not considered to be a single store’s event and the organising club/venue is expected to reach out to other stores/clubs

Battlefront is available to create plaques along the lines used for the Nationals if requested in addition to any prize support agreed upon by Battlefront and the organiser. Requests for these must be sent in a minimum of 8 weeks before the event. Battlefront provides the front laminate portion only, not the wood backings (these are available at any local trophy shop or can be made by the organiser himself).

Regional and Local Tournament Organisers can and are encouraged to pick their own point levels for the events. This will allow variety during the season and help alleviate army burn-out some players experience.

Nationals Standards for North America

Scoring / Awards

Official Battlefront scoring uses our standard 80% generalship / 20% Sportsman breakdown.  

The accumulation of 0 – 8 Victory Points simply added together

Every round the player allocates between 1 (poor) to 5 (great) points towards their opponents sportsmanship score. If you had three great games, then all three opponents would receive 5 points. These are added up separately from generalship points and are added at the end of the tournament in such a way that they are 20% of the total possible score.

At the end of official Battlefront Tournaments, each player nominates one of his opponents for Best Sportsman. This is a separate award and is not included in the overall points calculation.

Standard Awards
The following are the standard awards Battlefront gives out at a Nationals. Local and Regional TOs can award their own if so desired.

The player who accumulated the highest overall total in the tournament.

2nd and 3rd
The second and third highest overall total.

The person whose opponents most voted for wins IF he has received a perfect sportsmanship score overall. Tiebreakers always go to the lowest overall scoring player.

Best Painted
Sometime during the tournament, players who wish for their army to be judged for best painted should have their army displayed at a specific time. In the absence of a designated judging party, each player in the tournament should have a vote to cast. These armies must have at least three colours in the miniatures and be completely and properly based.

The best armies have a coordinated colour scheme, uniform paint job, coherent theme and proper shading and highlighting.

~ David.