Forces Of War in 4th Edition

This weekend we see the culmination of thousands of hours of work across the company to bring you 4th Edition. Along with working on the rules and models, we have also been updating Forces Of War so you can dive in today and see how your favourite lists will work under the new edition.

• All current Early War and Late War lists have been updated in Forces Of War to include the 4th Edition Special Rules and Warriors.
• If you own a 3rd Edition list then you can access the 4th Edition version FOR FREE.
• You can switch between 3rd Edition and 4th Edition through the Account button if you want to see how your forces have changed

Now you are ready to update your favourite armies to 4th Edition (for no extra cost), pick up your copies of the rules this weekend (once again, for no extra cost!) and have a game with your favourite opponent.

Forces Of War…

Q. When will the Digital Exclusive lists be updated?
A. We are working on these and will update them as soon as possible. We thought about chaining Wayne to his desk but our Occupational, Health and Safety laws frown on that.

Q. What about books that have been replaced by Compilations, will they be updated?
A. No. Blood, Guts and Glory (for example) will remain V3, but the Ardennes Comps that replaced it have been updated.

Q. Can I swap back and forth from 3rd Edition to 4th Edition?
A. Yes. By default, all users will be moved over to 4th Edition but you can freely swap back and forth in the Account tab as often and as many times as you want.

Q. Can I tell if a list has not been updated to 4th Edition?
A. Yes, these lists will have a "(v3)" after them.

Q. What if I spot an error in Forces?
A. Updating all of Forces was a mamoth task so there may be a few errors that have crept in. Please let us (and Gregg) know in the Feedback forum here...