The 2017 Tournament Objective

2017 Tournament Objective 2017 Tournament Objective
Otherworldly Sarcophagus

Each year we produce a special objective marker, which is given away to participants in official tournaments.

Some of the previous objectives have been miniature dioramas inspired by popular culture, such as 'Illinois Ford and the Chest of Mystery' or the hapless volunteers of the Home Guard, with their trusty delivery van.

The last couple of objectives have been less fanciful, but instead featured famous moments from history, the raising of the red banner on the Reichstag, and the Marines raising the stars and stripes on Iwo Jima.

With the return to Mid War in the desert this year, we wanted the objective to have a desert theme. At first we tried to think of a historical image as iconic as those depicted in the last two years' models. However, while there are certainly plenty of famous and evocative photographs from the desert war, none are so instantly recognisible, or so perfectly encapsulate the conflict as the Reichstag and Iwo Jima photographs.

Instead, someone had the idea of going back to popular culture and drawing inspiration from a well-known film with a desert setting. The film, featuring an intergalactic transit system, was not exactly praised by most critics when it was released in 1994. Nevertheless, it was a rollicking action adventure with undeniable visual flair. Not only did it gain a dedicated fan base, it even spawned no fewer than four spinoff television series.

We hope fans of the franchise will be happy with this latest objective. Alternatively, if the idea of the high-tech sarcophagus of a sinister alien with godlike powers, guarded by his Horus-headed minions, doesn't appeal to you, you could always paint the model in a single stone colour, representing statues left behind by an ancient civilisation.

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Otherworldly Sarcophagus – the 2017 Tournament Objective
Players at the recent Nationals at Bane of War in Texas and CanCon in Canberra have already received this year's objective, and we hope it has found a welcome place in their collections.
2017 Tournament Objective
Designed and painted by James Brown.
2017 Tournament Objective
2017 Tournament Objective 2017 Tournament Objective
2017 Tournament Objective 2017 Tournament Objective