What is Clash of Steel?

Clash of Steel Battle
Clash of Steel

What is Clash of Steel?

Clash of Steel is a brand-new game from the design team at GF9 and Battlefront. It features Dynamic Mission Based Game Play to ensure that every battle is unique and cinematic. It is based on an Alternative History where the war in Europe finishes in 1944 with the surrender of Germany, but restarts just four years later in the face of Soviet aggression.

Players take to the tabletop with one of four initial forces (German, British, American or Soviet) in Epic Tank-On-Tank Combat using Highly Detailed Multi-Part Plastic Miniatures, battling over objectives in an attempt to control the battlefield and defeat their enemies.

Both Clash of Steel Starter Sets contain everything a player needs to get started, including rules, miniatures, dice, tokens and much more.

Highly Detailed Multi-Part Plastic Miniatures

The Clash of Steel range of plastic miniatures has been designed by the same team at Battlefront that has already created hundreds of kits for the Flames Of War and World War III: Team Yankee ranges, using the latest digital technology to create highly detailed robust models that stand up to the rigours of gaming.

With an army of tanks spread across the table, players will be able to create epic battles using models that are packed full of detail but also designed for ease of assembly and painting.

The initial release of Clash of Steel has over 30 different armoured vehicles with plenty more coming over the next year to expand the options available to players.

Clash of Steel Cards

Epic Tank-on-Tank Battle Combat

Clash of Steel takes the award-winning game mechanics, globally tested over the past 20 years, from Flames Of War and focuses on the armoured vehicles that dominate battlefields. With this focused set of rules players can field a diverse mix of tanks. Fast movers that are designed to outflank and engage the enemy when they least expect it. Heavily armoured monsters that can shrug off all but the mightiest hits and specialist tank-hunters that carry the largest guns possible but perhaps lack the armour or speed of their enemies.

Players will be able to build entire tank companies and feel the thrill of maneuvering their force across the table as they duel it out with their opponents.

American vs Soviet

Alternative History

The Unthinkable has happened and in 1948 the war has once again started in Europe. There are no historical restrictions to restrain your, or our, creativity in building and painting armies.

We explore not only an alternative history but also the tanks that were designed but never made it off the drawing boards. At the same time we still have many of the iconic historical tanks, from the German Tiger II and Panther to the American Pershing and Soviet T-34.

British vs German

Dynamic Mission Based Gameplay

The new mission system designed for Clash of Steel allows players to quickly determine where they can deploy their forces, where to place the objectives that they will fight over and any game effects that they may have, as well as any special rules that effect the standard rules for a game. 

Each Clash of Steel Starter Set comes with a complete set of Mission Setup Cards, Mission Rule Cards and Objective Cards, as well as Victory Point Dials and Objective Markers.

Clash of Steel Cards

Game Design

In designing Clash of Steel we wantedd a game:

  • where players felt that they were able to command an army of tanks.
  • that was easy to understand the basics and start playing, but hard to master so there was always a new tactic to try out.
  • where each player can win the game by playing smart and focusing on the objectives.

And we wanted players to have awesome models that looked great on the tabletop but were also quick and easy to build and paint the way they wanted their armies to look!

Clash of Steel is the fun, fast paced, tank-on-tank game that we wanted and we are excited to share it with the rest of the world.



Clash of Steel Battle