D-Day Direct Order Releases

D-Day Direct Order Releases

D-Day Direct Order Releases

6 June 1944 marked the turning point of World War Two and the moment when the Allies opened the second front by landing on the Normandy beaches. To go with our journey into Late War we are releasing these D-Day specific miniatures available for order including the LCA, LCM, LVT-4 landing crafts and fortifications

See below for links to order these products.

includes three LCVP Landing Craft with Passengers.
LCVP Boat Section (XBX08)
Order the LCVP Boat Section here...

LCA Landing Craft (XBX04)
includes One LCA Landing Craft with Passengers.
This product is no longer available

includes One LCM Landing Craft.
This product is no longer available

DUKW Section (UBX24)
includes two DUKW trucks & crews.
DUKW Section (UBX24)
Order the DUKW Section here...

Anti-tank Pillboxes (BB121)
includes two pre-painting Anti-tank Pillboxes.
Anti-tank Pillboxes (BB121)
Order the Anti-tank Pillboxes here...

Machine-gun Bunkers (XBX02)
includes two MG Pilboxes & two MG Nests.
Machine-gun Bunkers (XBX02)
Order the Machine-gun Bunkers here...

5cm KWK Bunker (XBX03)
includes One Bunker and 5cm KWK Gun.
5cm KWK Bunker (XBX03) 5cm KWK Bunker (XBX03)
Order the 5cm KWK Bunker here...

Gun Nest (XBX07)
includes One Gun Nest. 
Gun Nest (XBX07)
Order the Gun Nest here...

Turret Bunkers (GE681)
includes one R-35 turret, one APX turret, one Panzer II turret and two turret base plates.
Turret Bunkers (GE681)
Order the Turret Bunkers here...

M4A1 Sherman DD (BR134)
includes One M4A1 Sherman DD tank.
M4A1 Sherman DD (BR134)
Order the M4A1 Sherman DD here...

M4 Sherman DD Swimming (BR135)
includes One M4 Sherman DD Swimming tank.
M4 Sherman DD Swimming (BR135) M4 Sherman DD Swimming (BR135)
Order the M4 Sherman DD Swimming here...

Beach Obstacles (XX701)
includes twelve Beach Obstacles
Beach Obstacles (XX701) Beach Obstacles (XX701)
Order the Beach Obstacles here...

Tank Traps (XX702)
includes Fifthteen Tank Traps
Tank Traps (XX702) Tank Traps (XX702)
Order the Tank Traps here...