Resin Bases for Artillery

10.5cm leFH18 guns

Big Guns!

With the recent release of our third new artillery box, the German 10.5cm battery, it seemed like the ideal time to have a look at the sculpted resin bases included in these sets.

With the arrival of second edition Flames Of War we decided to make all artillery transports grey instead of black in the organisational diagrams to allow you to choose if you wanted to field them or not.  

At the same time we wanted to give more colour to the artillery box sets and after seeing how well received the 8.8cm Flak 36 box and it’s sculpted bases for the desert were we thought that going down the same road with the artillery batteries. This would make them both an easy way to get everything in one place and give you something different from the basic gun and crew available in a blister. 

As you can see we have tried to theme each set with bases that fit both the army and front. 

8.8cm FlaK36 guns on scenic resin bases
US 105mm guns A big resin base or a one-piece resin truck have the same work involved so the new sets have kept the same price as before, however they give you more interesting and creative bases for your guns. Each set has four differently sculpted bases that fit the crew in a variety of ways, so no two guns will ever look the same. With the big guns playing such a pivotal role in Flames Of War battles these sets will continue to form a core part of any army and give you a great looking unit on the table.
8.8cm Flak 36 and crew
25pdr 25pdr
US 105mm guns
US 105mm gun US 105mm guns
10.5cm leFH18 gun 10.5cm leFH18 gun
10.5cm leFH18 guns