What's in Stalin's Europe?

Stalin's Europe

Stalin's Europe
The Soviet Invasion of Eastern Europe October 1944 - February 1945

Its late 1944 and Stalin’s Red army is once more on the rampage. First hit is Romania which quickly surrenders and swaps sides in the hope that Stalin will treat them kindly.

Then Stalin’s three massive armies turn on Hungary which is desperately being defended by six German and Hungarian armies.

If that was not enough the Hungarians and Romanians start their own war in Transylvania over disputed territory and old grudges.

Stalin now orders the start of the attack on Hungary. Hitler rushes armoured forces to Hungary to deal with the threat and a massive clash of armoured forces delays the Soviet offensive, but not for long, the great red sledgehammer is soon swinging again, as they launch an assault toward Budapest the Hungarian capital.

The Germans of the ‘Feldherrnhalle’ (Brown shirts) divisions and Hungarian armoured forces attempt to stop the encirclement of the city.

This savage and bitter struggle will last for 100 gruelling days.

It is a fight to the death with no quarter asked or given. It is the fight for the survival of Hungary as a nation.
Will you command the Hungarian and German forces and try to stop Stalin’s dream of a communist Europe? 

76mm Sherman

Or, will you lead the brave Soviet and Romanian forces to victory and liberation of Europe. 

Either way the smothering blanket of communism will fall over Eastern Europe. Wherever it falls Stalin’s Iron Curtain will affect the lives of millions and whole nations for many many years.

Stalin's Europe


  • The history of the battles for Hungary up to the final fall of Budapest.
  • Detailed maps of the battles for Hungary.
  • History of the 9th Guards Mechanised Corps and 30th Rifle Corps during the battles for Hungary.
  • Options to field a Soviet Lend-lease Tank Battalion armed with 76mm M4 Shermans and a Storm Battalion of city assault troops.
  • History of the Romanian Divisions during the battles for Hungary.
  • Options to field a Romanian Rifle Battalion.
Stalin's Europe
Street Fighting in Budapest
  • History of the 13. Panzerdivision ‘Feldherrnhalle’ and Panzerdivision ‘Feldherrnhalle’.
  • Options to field a ‘Feldherrnhalle’  Armoured Battle Group with Panthers or new Panzer IV/70 tanks and a Motorised Grenadier Company.
  • History of the Hungarian forces during the battles for Hungary.
  • Options to field a Hungarian Tank Company, Assault Gun Battery and a Volunteer Rifle Company.
  • Rules for Street Barricades.
  • Painting Guides.
Hungarians and Romanians fighting in Transylvania
Hungariasn hold a street barricade

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