Mid-war ~ 1942-1943 4th Edition: Mid-war Pre-orders Now Open

4th Edition is bigger (and smaller) than ever, with a new rulebook that is slimmer than previous editions but retains all the tactical challenges that you have come to expect from Flames Of War. Accompanying the book will be a massive range of new plastic models as we once again return to Mid-war in the desert.

The 4th Edition Mid-war range is now available for pre-order in the online store. Just check on the name of the product you'd like to pre-order from the release schedule below and you'll be taken directly to the online store.
Browse the 4th Edition: Mid-war releases in the online store here...
Gaming Mat (BB951) Desert Basing Kit (CWP103)
February Releases
Late February Releases
Product Code Product Name
BB951 Gaming Mat (48' x 72')
CWP103 Desert Basing Kit
BB218 Desert Palms
BB220 Extra Large Dune
BB217 Desert Escarpments
BB222 Small Desert Houses
BB215 Medium Desert House
BB225 Desert Walls
Flames Of War Rulebook (Mid-war) (FW007) El Alamein (FWBX07)
Desert Rats (FW241) Afrika Korps (FW242)
March Releases
Early March Releases
Product Code Product Name
FW007 Flames Of War Rulebook (Mid-war) A4, 120 pages, hardback.
FWBX07 Battle of El Alamein: War in the Desert (Plastic)
AT008 Range Finde (4th Edition)
AT005 Destroyed Markers
TK101 Desert Mission Token Set
Late March Releases
Product Code Product Name
FW241 Desert Rats Army Book (Mid-war) A4, 48 pages, hardback.
BRAB09 Monty's Desert Rats (Plastic) 
CWP131 Desert Rats Paint Set 
CWP231 Desert Rats Spray (Crusader Sand)
FW242 Afrika Korps Army Book (Mid-war) A4, 48 pages, hardback.
GEAB14 Rommel's Afrika Korps (Plastic)
CWP112 Afrika Korps Paint Set
CWP212 Afrika Korps Spray (DAK Sand)
Monty's Desert Rats (Plastic) (BRAB09) Rommel's Afrika Korps (Plastic) (GEAB14)
Honey Armoured Troop (Plastic) (BBX32) Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon (Plastic) (GBX99)
April Releases
Early April Releases
Product Code Product Name
BBX32 Honey Armoured Troop (Plastic)
BR900 Desert Rats Dice Set
BR901 Desert Rats Token Set
GBX99 Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon (Plastic)
GE900 Afrika Korps Dice Set
GE901 Afrika Korps Token Set
BB221 Large Dune
Late April Releases
Product Code Product Name
BBX33 25 pdr Field Troop (Plastic)
BBX41 17/25 pdr Anti-tank Troop (Plastic)
GBX98 8.8cm Heavy Anti-aircraft Platoon (Plastic)
GBX91 10.5cm Artillery Battery (Plastic)
AT007 Artillery Template (4th Edition)
AT006 Smoke Bombardment Markers
AT009 Smoke Markers (Direct Sale Only)
BB226 Desert Scrub
25 pdr Field Troop (Plastic) (BBX33) 10.5cm Artillery Battery (Plastic) (GBX91)
Crusader Armoured Troop (Plastic) (BBX39) Panzer III Tank Platoon (Plastic) (GBX96)
May Releases
Early May Releases
Product Code Product Name
BBX39 Crusader Armoured Troop (Plastic)
BR753 Motor Platoon (Plastic)
BR754 HMG Platoon and Mortar Section (Plastic)
GBX96 Panzer III Tank Platoon (Plastic)
GE746 Afrika Rifle Platoon
BB223 Large Desert Building
Late May Releases
Product Code Product Name
BBX37 Grant Armoured Troop (Plastic)
BBX38 6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic)
GBX97 Panzer IV Tank Platoon (Plastic)
GBX101 Marder (7.62cm) Tank-hunter Platoon
GBX95 15cm Lorraine Schlepper Battery
BB219 Desert Oasis
Grant Armoured Troop (Plastic) (BBX37) Panzer IV Tank Platoon (Plastic) (GBX97)
Humber Armoured Car Troop (BBX34) 5cm Tank-hunter Platoon (Plastic) (GBX93)
June Releases
Early June Releases
Product Code Product Name
BBX34 Humber Armoured Car Troop
BBX35 Universal Carrier Patrol (Plastic)
GBX93 5cm Tank-hunter Platoon (Plastic)
GBX92 Sd Kfz 221 and Sd Kfz 222 Light Scout Troop
GBX100 Sd Kfz 231 Heavy Scout Troop
BB216 Large Desert House
Late June Releases
Product Code Product Name
BBX36 Bofors Light Anti-aircraft Troop
BBX40 Hurricane Tank-busting Flight
GBX94 Sd Kfz 10/4 (2cm) Light AA Platoon
GBX102 Panzer II Light Tank Platoon


Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber Flight


Desert Administration Building

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