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Intelligence Briefing
Complete with Divisional Support

We have incorporated the Panzerspähkompanie with the Aufklärungsschwadron to make a Aufklärungsabteilung Intelligence Briefing that contains all three briefings and support.

V3 Approved

Inside you will find everything you need to get gaming with Panzerdivision reconnaissance forces in Flames Of War.

Inside the PDF you will find a full Gepanzerte Aufklärungsschwadron Intelligence Briefing, an Aufklärungsschwadron Intelligence Briefing, a Panzerspähkompanie and full Divisional Support choices and Arsenal. The divisional Support includes diagrams and points, so there will be no need to refer back to your copy of Fortress Europe, just print the PDF and you’re away. Both force lists include the new style company organisation diagram for easier force building. 

Aufklärungsabteilung (including Panzerspähkompanie and both Aufklärungsschwadrons)(PDF)…

What is an Aufklärungsschwadron?

The Aufklärungsschwadron is an infantry company of the Aufklärungs battalion of a Panzerdivision. An Aufklärungs battalion usually consisted of two Panzerspähkompanies (Armoured Car Companies), two Aufklärungsschwadrons and a heavy company.

The role of the Aufklärungs troops was to provide reconnaissance for the Panzerdivision, conducting area reconnaissance (Spähaufklärung) and local zone reconnaissance (Gefechaufklärung) for the division and its sub-units.
Sd Kfz 250

Area reconnaissance was usually assigned by the divisional command, often on orders from higher command. It is a directed effort to obtain information concerning terrain, enemy activity or enemy positions within a designated area. For example, such as a bridge or other feature that is critical to operations. This objective is often simply achieved by reconnoitring the location or area, or by maintaining surveillance over the location. In the case of the Aufklärungs battalion this is carried out by Panzerspäh Patrols. Typically these reconnaissance patrols would operate a day’s march ahead of the division, up to 30km behind the enemy lines.

During local zone reconnaissance elements of the Aufklärungs battalion were often assigned to provide the eye and ears for the Panzer and Panzergrenadier battalions. Local zone reconnaissance plays an important role in providing the disposition and alertness of the enemy before any engagement.

While the division is on the move the Aufklärungs battalion usually provides the vanguard of the advancing force, checking for obstacles, enemy movements and positions and the safest and fastest routes to the division destination. 

Sd Kfz 234/2 Puma
Sd Kfz 250/9 (2cm)

The role of the Aufklärungsschwadron in all of this was not to actually carry out the reconnaissance, that was left to the armoured cars, but to assist in getting the armoured cars through the enemy line and to control the area of reconnaissance through armed action. This left the armoured cars to carry on forward, while the infantry and other non-reconnaissance elements of the Aufklärungsschwadron dealt with anything too large for the armoured cars.

However, by 1944 Aufklärungs battalions, like their comrades in the Panzerpionier battalions, found themselves thrust into more conventional Panzergrenadier roles.

Often they would anchor one flank of the division’s line, or would be placed in reserve ready to counterattack any enemy breakthrough, and therefore would often be provide with additional heavy support from division and corps assets.


Your Panzerspähkompanie (Reconnaissance Squadron, pronounced pants-serr shpay kom-pan-ee) is an Mechanized unit whose infantry’s task is to break a hole in the enemy line for the Panzerspähwagen armoured cars to get through and reconnoitre in depth.  

Panzer Lehr was one of just three divisions to receive a full company of eight-wheeled Sd Kfz 234/2 Puma armoured cars armed with 5cm KwK anti-tank guns. The Heer divisions who adopted the ‘Type A’ organization, and therefore the Sd Kfz 234/2 Puma were the Panzer Lehr (as featured in Villers-Bocage), the 20. Panzerdivision and the 7. Panzerdivision. The Panzerlehr division received 25 Pumas, 20. Panzerdivision received 16 and the 7. Panzerdivision only 6.

The Puma is not the only piece of interesting kit to feature in the Panzerspähkompanie intelligence briefing. You can also field the Panzer II L Luchs.

The reconnaissance battalion’s heavy armoured car platoon gives the light half-tracked armoured cars the same firepower support as the armoured cannon platoon gives the infantry. Mounted on an eight-wheeler chassis, it has the speed and mobility to follow the armoured cars anywhere they go.

While the armoured cannon platoon is off supporting the assaulting Aufklärungs platoons, the heavy armoured cars should be operating in support of the armoured cars. Use the heavy firepower of the Sd Kfz 233 (7.5cm) armoured cars to knock out any anti-tank guns that are restricting the mobility of your half-tracked armoured cars as they sweep around the enemy flanks. Keep them safe behind the leading armoured cars, ready to come forward when needed.

I hope you enjoy this briefing and I hope to see a few more Aufklärungsschwadrons and  Panzerspähkompanies on the battlefield.

Aufklärungsabteilung (including Panzerspähkompanie and both Aufklärungsschwadrons)(PDF)…  


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