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Anti-tank Group (Winter) (GSO141)
Anti-tank Group (Winter) (GSO141)
includes two Command teams, one Observer team, two set of Infantry Gun crew, two sets of Anti-tank gun crew, one Small two-hole base & two Small three-hole bases.
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Germans forces had smashed through the American 28th and 106th Infantry Divisions before approaching the key crossroads town of Bastogne on 19 December. In the meantime the veteran 101st Airborne Division had been rushed from their camp in France to Bastogne to take up the defence.

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Contents of the Anti-tank Group (Winter) Blister Pack
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Anti-tank Group (Winter) (GSO141) Anti-tank Group (Winter) (GSO141)
Command Teams
Description of Components
a. 1x Officier figure with hand up.
b. 2x Officier figures pointing with SMG.

NCO & Riflemen
a. 1x Kneeling NCO figure pointing.
2x Standing Riflemen figures.
Assembling The Command Teams
The Anti-tank Group (Winter) contains enough figures to create two Commands teams. One command contains one of each of the officier figures and a single rifleman while the other contains an officier figure (Figure B), the NCO and the remaining rifleman. Command teams are modelled on the small three-hole bases.
Observer Team
Description of Components
a. 1x Sitting observer figure talking on radio.
b. 1x Sitting radio operator figure.

Assembling the Observer Team
To assemble the observer team, simply arrange each figure to taste on one of the small two-hole base provided.

Note: The Observer team is used with infantry guns.
Anti-tank Group (Winter) (GSO141)
Anti-tank Group (Winter) (GSO141) Anti-tank Gun Crew
Description of Components
a. 4x Anti-tank gunner figures.
b. 4x Standing figures holding shell.
c. 4x Kneeling figures with hand up.
4x Loader figures holding shell.
Assembling The Anti-tank Gun Crew
To assemble the anti-tank gun crew, simply arrange them to taste around the anti-tank gun of choice i.e. 7.5cm PaK40.

Note: Figure A has been designed to straddle the gun trail and sit on the left-hand side gun trail.
Infantry Gun Crew
Description of Components
a. 2x Standing loader figure holding 15cm shell.
b. 4x Kneeling crew figure with soft cap.
c. 4x Kneeling crew figure with helmet.
d. 4x Standing crew figure.
e. 4x Kneeling loader figure holding 7.5cm shell.
Anti-tank Group (Winter) (GSO141)
Assembling The Anti-tank Gun Crew
To assemble the infantry gun crew, simply arrange them to taste around the infantry gun of choice. Note: There are loader options for the 15cm and 7.5cm infantry guns.
The Bases
Description of Components
a. 1x Small two-hole bases.
b. 2x Small three-hole bases.
Anti-tank Group (Winter) (GSO141)

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