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Upcoming Flames Of War Events in Europe

Around Europe there are Flames Of War events happening all the time. To help organisers and players alike we have our rolling Events Calendar for Europe.

To have your event included just contact our Events Team and they will make sure that your event is added.

E-mail the Battlefront Events Team here...

Last Updated 27 May 2016

2016 European Events
Event Name Date & Location Contact Details Period & Points
Tank Marš
28 - 29 May Website Mid War
Park of Military History, Pivka, Slovenia Tournament Pack 1650 points
VI Torneo Flames Of War
'Día D'
5 June Website: modelbrush.com Late War
GoblinTrader Sur Madrid, Spain Contact: rangers@modelbrush.com 2000 points
VI Torneo Flames Of War – 'Dia D' at Goblin Trader Madrid
World War Cawa (WWC) 25 June For more information... Late War
Club Ranger, Girona, Spain Contact: fow@cawagirona.com 1780 points
European Teams Championship
3 - 7 August Website: etc-events.eu  
Athens, Greece  

Federazione Italiana di Flames Of War:
2015 - 2016 Tournament Season

Federazione Italiana di Flames Of War (or Italian Flames Of War Federation) is an organisation made up of numerous various gaming associations and clubs across Italy. The goal of organisation is to promote Flames Of War to people of all skill levels; from the absolute beginner to the seasoned tournament pro.

Federazione Italiana di Flames Of War 2015 - 2016 Tournament Season

The third season was a great success – 130 player and 21 tournament! You can see the details here...

Who will be the Season Four Italian champion?




Italian Circuit Season Three Event Dates & Locations
19 Tournaments in 19 Location Across 7 Regions
2015 Events
4 October 2015 Empoli (Empoli Games Convention)
18 October 2015 Turin
1 November 2015 Lucca Museum of the Liberation of WWII
8 November 2015 Parma
22 November 2015 Pisa
6 December 2015 Milan
20 December 2015 Rome (The Christmas Tournament)
2016 Events
17 January 2016 Forli
24 January 2016 Rovereto
31 January 2016 Assisi
14 February 2016
27-28 February 2016 Bolzano
6 March 2016 Arezzo
20 March 2016 (Hellana Model Game Convention)
3 April 2016 (Modena Play Convention)
17 April 2016 Verona
22 May 2016 Perugia
5 June 2016 Civitavecchia
19 June 2016 Florence (The FINAL)

Lliga Catalana de Flames Of War Lliga Catalana de Flames Of War
de l'Octubre del 2015 al Juny del 2016

Mid War 1750 points; Late War 1900 points

Contact: botiga@centraldejocs.com

Més informació al Blog: lligacatalanafow.blogspot.com.es

6ª Liga FOW Quimera
Septiembre 2015 – Junio 2016

Late War 1750 points, Early War 1550 points

Camp Toccoa (rookies' league) Late War 1500 points

Contact: gbquimera@gmail.com

Liga FOW Quimera
Liga Vietnam Quimera 2ª Liga Vietnam Quimera
Diciembre 2015 – Mayo 2016

Vietnam 1300 points 

Contact: gbquimera@gmail.com

III Liga FOW GoblinTrader Madrid
Noviembre 2015 - Junio 2016

Late War 1200-1500-1750 points

Information: modelbrush.com/liga-2

Contact: rangers@modelbrush.com

Liga FOW GoblinTrader Madrid

Last Updated On Thursday, May 26, 2016 by James at Battlefront