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More Units

SBX28 Strelkovy Company (Winter)
Contains Battalion HQ with one Company Command Battalion Komissar team & one 2iC Command Rifle team, one Rifle Platoon with Command Komissar team & ten Rifle team, one optional Light Mortar team, three Small three-hole bases, one Small two-hole base, five Medium four-hole bases & five Medium five-hole bases.
USD 30.00

FW304 Rising Sun Rising Sun, 116pg Softback
Price: USD 20.00   
SBX23 T-35 Heavy Tankovy Platoon T-35 Heavy Tankovy Company, with two vehicles
Price: USD 41.50   
SBX24 T-28 obr 1933/1938 Heavy Tankovy Platoon T-28 obr 1933/1938 Heavy Tankovy Platoon, with three vehicles
Price: USD 37.00   
SBX27 T-38 Scout Tank Company T-38 Scout Tank Company, with five vehicles
Price: USD 37.00   
SSO151 Flame-thrower Platoon (Winter) Flame-thrower Platoon (Winter), with three teams
Price: USD 7.50   
SU766 Sappers (Winter) Upgrade Sappers (Winter) Upgrade, with 20 Sapper figures
Price: USD 13.00