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More Units

BB956 Gaming Mat - Brown/City
This double sided neoprene gaming mat is 6’/180cm x 4’/120cm and comes with a city layout perfect for any urban assault and a reverse side that shows the green grass over the eastern steppes.
USD 100.00

BB234 Brick Factory Factory (x2 floors plus roof), Contains a Factory
Price: USD 50.00   
BB235 Destroyed Factories Destroyed Factories (x4 resin pieces), Contains x4 resin Destroyed Factory pieces
Price: USD 50.00   
BB236 Chimneys Chimneys (x4 resin pieces), Contains x4 resin Chimney pieces
Price: USD 30.00   
BB239 Stalingrad Fountain Objective Stalingrad Fountain Objective (Direct Only), contains one fully painted multi part resin fountain
Price: USD 15.00