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Begleit Riders

Begleit Assault Platoon

The 189. Sturmgeshütz-abteilung was the first StuG assault gun unit to receive dedicated Begleit, or escort, troops. These tank riders were first assigned to the batterie for the Battle of Kursk, armed with rifles and submachine-guns. In the summer of 1944 the new Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle began making appearances among the troops.

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The Begleit soldiers’ job was to protect the vulnerable assault guns from infantry assaults. They would sweep enemy positions, clearing anti-tank positions or scouting ahead of their gun. When a threat was spotted, they would deal with it swiftly, allowing the assault gun to focus on mnore serious threats. This deadly combination proved successful and escort troops become common amongst the other assault gun units.

Begleit Riders

In Flames Of War

Stalin’s Onslaught allows players to test out the new Begleit riders in their StuG Batterie. These Assault Rifle teams can help increase the hitting power of your already deadly StuG G assault guns.They can accompany their vehicle or you can group them together into a Begleit platoon and have them operate separately. Either way, these assault troops will be a deadly asset to your German forces!
Begleit Riders

The blister includes*:

• 3x Begleit Teams
• 1x Command Team
• 12x Begleit Tank Riders


* StuG G Assault Guns not included 

Scuplted by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown

Begleit Riders Begleit Riders
Begleit Riders
 Begleit Riders

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