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SU941 Soviet Decals (Late) (SU941)
4 Sheets

The new Soviet decal pack nicely compliments the other soviet decals available with our boxed platoons. On the sheet you will find serif font numbers (with squiggly bits on the edges), red stars, three different slogans, and diamond shaped unit markings.

The numbers and slogans are often found on tanks and assault guns, on the turret for tanks and the side hull for assault guns. Stars are not as common, but can be found on tank turrets, and assault guns.

The star is a more common appearance on captured and lend lease equipment where the silhouette of vehicles is not always recognised by other Soviet troops.

The diamond markings are commonly found on tank turrets, the diamond being the tactical map symbol of the tank formations. Despite this logic the diamond symbol is also very often found on M3A1 armoured transporters of the Rota Razvedki. Usually the number in the upper part of the diamond indicated the company number and the lower number the tank within the company.

The slogans are Russian for (from top to bottom) For Stalin, Victory and For the Homeland.

More on Slogans…

Designed by Dion Holswich


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